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Thanks to the NFA

A $600 gun went for $90K:

The bidding started at $40,000, and went sky high from there.

The prize?

A Thompson Model 1921 submachine gun that was purchased by the Tuscarawas County Sheriffs Office on May 13, 1934, and is no longer used.

After several minutes of spirited bidding Monday evening at the Tuscarawas County Justice Center, the weapon was sold for $90,000 – significantly higher than its appraised value of $37,000. The winning bid was placed by Ryan Armstrong of Dover, who was bidding for an anonymous purchaser.

5 Responses to “Thanks to the NFA”

  1. JTC Says:

    Just another MG shooter hobbyist I’m sure. One who just happens to have a broker and an anonymous trust.

  2. JTC Says:

    Nothing against investments, even speculative ones.

    But as Johnny Hart’s BC pawnbroker knew, value comes from rarity. When that rarity of supply and/or access flows directly from gov control, it would do my heart good to see this particular gamble against Constitutional freedom go TU overnight.

  3. nk Says:

    In 1934, $600.00 would have been the equivalent of today’s $12,000, I think. A new 1932 Ford coupe went from $495 to $650 depending on options.

  4. Ravenwood Says:

    nk, it’s not about the time value of money. It’s about there being a fixed supply. If not for the Hughes Amendement, they could still be cranking out full auto Thompsons today for around… $600.

  5. wildbill Says:

    Right before Charlie Rangle illegally said it passed on a voice vote, and refused a roll call vote (I was watching it on CSPAN), in listings in Shotgun News a BAR with new receiver was $1200 and a Colt was $2000.