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Go, Razorbacks

A map of the percentage of gun owners by state. Texas, I am disappoint.

15 Responses to “Go, Razorbacks”

  1. Earl Harding Says:

    I don’t see how NH was a lower firearms ownership rate than Mass. NH has constitutional carry and no licensing other then Federal for NFA stuff.

    Mass has all sorts of licenses for firearms ownership. I has been acknowledged that their forearms ownership rate dropped significantly after their last round of anti-gunnery.

    The map is at best a plot of registered and known firearms.


  2. mikee Says:

    Texan here. We share our guns with each other more than others, is all.

    I’ve fired guns from a Hawkens muzzleloading rifle to a Steyr AUG and many interesting things in between at the local range, just by admiring the firearm in the next lane and offering the owner the chance to shoot a magazine of 22LR through my Ruger Mark II. I can borrow a dove gun or a hog rifle with a phone call any time. I’ve lent my milsurp Mosins and Swedes and Lee Enfields any number of times to friends for range trips.

    And my range has about 150 different rental guns, too.

  3. Lyle Says:

    Correction; it’s a map of the percentage of DOCUMENTED gun owners by state.

    Seeing themselves as the Central Planners, Progressives love making lists and compiling statistics. They think it gives them authority, and so it makes them feel good about themselves.

    Statistics should not be confused with facts, nor with moral authority. Nor is the existence of certain unalienable human rights altered, appended, amended, abridged, or in any way affected by numbers or by those who compile numbers.

  4. Lyle Says:

    Mikee; “Hawkens” is plural for “Hawken”. The name is Hawken. No “s”. Sorry, just a peeve of mine.

  5. Tirno Says:

    Sources cited seem exceptionally suspect.

  6. Dave Says:

    I would like to see how murder rates compare with gun ownership. For example, do the highest gun ownership states also have the highest murder rates?

    I would wager that the opposite is true, that the highest gun ownership states have the lowest murder rates.

  7. Paul Koning Says:


    That question has been answered decades ago, and your wager is correct. For example, Prof. John Lott wrote a whole book about this (“More guns, less crime” is the title). Some hacks in PA tried to discredit it by using his data to “prove” the opposite, but in order to do so, they had to delete the right 85% of the data, including whole states. Yes, Lott published his data, that’s what real scientists do.

  8. Paul Says:

    Completely BS map . As was stated above, the “sources” are more than suspect . Using the Brady bunch as a source , or a “study” that has the following right at the beginning of their report will tell you all you need to know .
    “. Gun cultures may need to be
    considered for public health strategies that aim to
    change gun ownership in the USA.”

    I can tell you , in my state the numbers are way off . I live in Maine . Can’t throw a rock without hitting a gun owner . But they don’t tell ” researchers” etc if they have them . None of their bussiness .

  9. Fred Says:

    The basis for this is likely NFA weapons and other known guns.

  10. Seerak Says:

    Self-reported. That’s increasingly unreliable in today’s culture and will continue becoming more so.

  11. Huck Says:

    “I live in Maine . Can’t throw a rock without hitting a gun owner . But they don’t tell ” researchers” etc if they have them . None of their business”

    Same here in Wyoming. The only people who I tell that I have guns to are my friends. If someone I don’t know asks if I own any, I ignore them.

  12. KevinM Says:

    The numbers in Tx and FL are lower than you might think because diversity.

  13. FiftycalTX Says:

    None of the people I know would tell an anonymouse “researcher” over the phone that they own gunz. No more than I would tell them my schedule of when I WON’T be home. Plus of the 21 million people in Texas, there are more than 1 million license to carry holders. Plus in the cities, there are a lot of yankees and socialists that look down on gun owners.

  14. JTC Says:

    Good info, regardless of source or accuracy.

    But in terms of numbers I would refer you back to your posted graphs of a few days ago wherein NFA numbers were listed by state…when it comes to that, Arkansas pales with about 25% of teh fla and even Kali, while Texas rules with about SIX TIMES the Razorback total.

    Again this is just NFA stuff, notwithstanding your statement on the post of guns in general, but the numbers of general firearms probably do similarly parallel by state.

  15. Standard Mischief Says:


    me> Hello?

    pew> Hi, I’m taking a survey, do you own a gun? Know anyone in the same household that owns a gun?

    me> *click*

    (Follow the links and look at the Pew methodology)