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September 29, 2017

This is a big deal

The Second Amendment Foundation:

The U.S. District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has turned down a request from the city for an en banc hearing on the concealed carry case of Wrenn v. District of Columbia, amounting to a strategic win for the Second Amendment Foundation.

According to the court, not a single judge on the court requested a hearing. Earlier, a three-judge panel had ruled in favor of plaintiffs Brian Wrenn and SAF. The case challenges the Districts carry permit policy that requires citizens to provide a good reason to be issued a permit. The Appeals Court struck down that requirement.

Ten years ago, Washington D.C.s political leadership tried to extinguish Second Amendment rights before the Supreme Court, noted attorney Alan Gura, who represents the plaintiffs. The result was D.C. v. Heller, a tremendous victory for the rights of all Americans. With the court of appeals again confirming the peoples right to bear arms, Washington, D.C.s politicians must once again ask themselves whether it makes sense to keep resisting our fundamental rights.

Excellent news. Off to the Supreme Court?

Well, that’s messed up

Someone rigging guns to kill the owners:

A bad prank, a booby trap, or a strange set of circumstances? These photos are of a shotgun purchased online and shipped to a dealer in VA. The BATFE was notified when it was realized the receiver was modified to hold a pistol round aimed at the person firing the weapon. The weapon was loaded with a .380 ACP round. The trigger group obscured the round until the weapon was broken down for inspection. When chambering the shell the weapon would be cycled with the slide action bar coming into contact with the primer on the pistol round pointed at the shooter. It had marks from being struck but the round did not discharge. Had it fired it was aligned with the top of the pistol grip stock and would have possibly struck the shooter in the face. This is obscure but still a little scary.

Pic at the link.

The return of the Grand National

That’s pretty rad.

Gun Porn

Deringers Derringer

September 28, 2017

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

A former gang member and anti-gun advocate buys a gun for protection. Ok, then.

I concur, generally

And I have a few licenses: Licensing Boards Are Cartels

Certainly, some professions require proof of competence. I mean, I’m not going to go to an amateur dentist. But a lot of licensing seems silly, such as licenses to braid hair and paint fingernails. And this does not include licensing that’s used as protectionism.

My second favorite pun today

Turd world country. I have to say that the only place I’ve ever really noticed smelling like piss were a few areas in NYC a few years back.

It slices (pies), dices, and tenderizes

A meat tenderizer buttplate for Glocks.

Wyatt Derp

Hey, let’s make ourselves dizzy then try to draw and fire a gun.

If I ever start a gun trolling website, I will call it Wyatt Derp.

Layers of editorial oversight


More gun slump

Fine, fine. We don’t know.

Just another word for things we do together

David Hardy announced his new book: I’m from the Government and I’m Here to Kill You: The True Human Cost of Official Negligence

Life in the future

Sex robot display model molested so much it breaks before anyone can actually use it

The future is stupid.

Gun Porn

The Worlds Best Gun Collections Compete For Glory This November In Oklahoma

The Lindberg AR-5A Replica

September 27, 2017

Glock full auto switch

Yes, it’s as easy as this:

NRA on claims of racism: You don’t know what you’re talking about

Wayne LaPierre of the NRA: Those Who Call The NRA Racist Dont Know Our History

He then lists the civil rights activists who were directors or even executives of the NRA and their Union origins. But then he engages in a bit rewriting of recent history:

With our unyielding dedication to preserving the Second Amendment, the NRA has long been fighting the covert racism of gun control. Even today in places like Chicago and D.C.where the Supreme Courts will on the Second Amendment is ignoredthe targets of the gun banners are good and honest inner-city residents who are the victims of unchecked armed violence: Hispanics and African-Americans.

Nowhere was that more apparent than in the story of Otis McDonald, the lead plaintiff in the U.S. Supreme Court case that knocked down Chicagos draconian gun ban in 2010 and extended the individual right to keep and bear arms to every corner of the nation.

The problem with this revisionism is that the McDonald case was taken on by Alan Gura and The Second Amendment Foundation. And not exactly with the NRA’s blessing, who filed their own suit.

Changing a bullet’s sound signature

An interesting project called Active Noise Control for Small Caliber Ammunition by the Department of Defense to try to alter the sound signature of a round so that the location of the soldier shooting it cannot be determined.

OBJECTIVE: Reduce or change the sound signature, in terms of magnitude, frequency, and/or duration, of a small caliber projectile as it travels downrange through the use of Active Noise Reduction, Active Noise Control, or similar methods. Overall control of weapon signature at the muzzle is a secondary objective.

I wonder how “suppressed” bullets would pan out in the NFA legal mumbo jumbo?

All of the local papers are terrible

A former reporter for Knoxville’s newspaper won’t read it anymore:

I see the decline daily, the mistakes, the lack of local content, duplicate stories in different sections, the political bias that drives both news coverage and story emphasis, the disdain this company has for readers and subscribers and yes, advertisers and even for the employees. It stings. Our once proud KNS has become what we once called USA Today the McPaper. Put plainly, the KNS of today is not worth my time or my money. Extract the comics and the obituaries and theres not much fat on the bone. I feel deeply for my buddies still trying to do their jobs.

He’s not wrong. Their website is even worse.


One thing about Democrats is they tell you what horrible things they’ll do in power, generally. Whereas republicans run on repealing Obamacare, small government and lower taxes. And they apparently don’t mean any of it.

I do not

But there’s a case to be made for it: Do you carry a backup gun?

Another illegal mayor

They just seem to keep getting jailed:

This time it was Patterson, NJ Mayor Jose (Joey) Torres who plead guilty to criminal conspiracy for using city workers to perform work on city time at a warehouse owned by his family.

Gun Porn

For those times when you need a 60 round Glock magazine.

Fosberys Pump Shotgun: An AR15 Bolt in 1891

September 26, 2017

Sort of want

An automated pistol magazine loader:

The have an indiegogo here. Currently, I just keep a lot of magazines on hand. At least 50 per gun. I don’t like to load at the range. I like to spend the time shooting. And I have a deal with Junior. I pay her $1 to load a rifle magazine and $0.50 for a pistol magazine. Gives her some spending money and she gets to practice a skill.

About that Trump slump

“Trump Slump” a Myth as NICS Background Checks Soar

Stop touching it

AL senate candidate Roy Moore, while on the campaign trail, decided to pull out his gun and show it to everyone. I cannot tell from the video but it appears he pulled the gun from a pocket. I hope he’s using a holster. But even if he is, he shouldn’t go waving a gun around. At least he kept his finger off the trigger.

Mockery is a powerful weapon

Use mockery on social justice warriors. The slight problem I’ve had with this technique is they often don’t realize they are being mocked. Of course, mockery works on various fascists, racists, and other such loons.

As a recent revolver purchaser, this interests me

The Speed Strip Revolver Reload

Mass murderers v. armed citizens

But this never happens:

Engle confronted Samson after he entered the church. Samson pistol-whipped Engle. After Samson shot himself, Engle went to his vehicle, got his own weapon and held Samson at gunpoint until police arrived, police said.

Except when it does.

The narrative in larger media outlets is different.

Gun Porn

Desktop wallpapers from Oleg.

Norincos M305A M14 in 7.62x39mm

Modular suppressor

September 25, 2017

See through suppressor in slow motion

Very cool stuff made by Soteria Suppressors: