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August 31, 2017

Signal to noise

I concur:

I recently removed all blogging and social media software from my phone. To access any of it requires me to sit in front of the computer instead of just pulling something out of my pocket when I have down time. I think I’m more sane and less dumb because of it. YMMV.

Via Insty.

Eating their own

Looks like there’s a petty squabble at Every Town’s gun control group:

The gun violence prevention movement was thrown into utter turmoil this week after survivors and advocates learned that Everytown for Gun Safety has sponsored the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) conference for two out of the past three years (2015 and 2017). Everytown volunteers like me are now leaving the organization in droves, disgusted that our leadership would partner with an organization that has been a steadfast ally of the National Rifle Association and defender of racially-motivated police brutality. For too long, gun control groups like Everytown have implemented top-down organizational models that treat gun violence prevention advocates like servants and gun violence survivors like fundraising fodder, giving us little or no say in our own advocacy. That must end now.

I doubt seriously that EveryTown has droves.

I think that depends on the American

Americans Spend More on Taxes Than Food and Clothing Combined.


The Glock Gen5

Now, with promotional video:

Life in the future

Are we certain that Natural-lawn advocate isn’t just a synonym for too lazy to do lawn maintenance.

The future is stupid.

Gun Porn

Tube Fed .45-70 Bolt Action Rifle

August 30, 2017

Strangely, no

Do you have an inventory of all your firearms?

I probably should for various reasons. Though ammo inventory would be more useful information to me.

Mid air paintball collisions

Via Endo.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence

That the victims were all white.

Remember, kids, only white people can be racist


Only half

And most of the media: Is America Crazy?

The press reactions to Trump’s election are hysterical, in both senses of the word. And the lunacy from antifa to neo Nazis is constantly in our faces. Even though they’re numbers are not significant. Honestly, how many neo Nazis are there?

Says Sebastian:

I dont plan on quitting blogging, but these days I need more of a break from the news than I used to.

This is true for me as well.


From The Second Amendment Foundation:

A federal court judge in Illinois has denied a City of Chicago motion for summary judgment and refused to dismiss a case challenging a ban of firearms sales within city limits that is backed by the Second Amendment Foundation.

It is the latest in a string of court battles between Chicago and SAF, causing SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb to observe, Weve already beat Chicago three times, in the McDonald case before the Supreme Court, and both Ezell 1 and Ezell 2 before the federal court of appeals. Im reminded of the folk song by Peter, Paul and Mary that asked, When will they ever learn?

The case involves a proposed gun shop called Second Amendment Arms (SAA), owned by R. Joseph Franzese, who submitted an application for a business license in July 2010. The city contends that the application was for an address in an area not zoned for commercial use, but Franzese argues that he was not advised about the zoning and that it had been advertised as commercial property. Besides, he contended that the citys prohibition on gun sales would have blocked (their) efforts no matter where (they) chose.

Maybe Chicago will learn?

Gun Porn

Improvised Suppressors Among Syrian Groups. And they don’t have a Home Depot.

The Volcanic: Smith & Wessons First Pistol

August 29, 2017

Gear Fail

I love my Spyderco Delica. But it let me down yesterday. I was on the phone, checking on a jobsite, and I walked through the door half way paying attention. Someone else did the same thing. So I scooted to the right and my hip hit the door jam trim. And I heard a ting on the concrete floor. The clip on the knife split in two:

I have a replacement. Have two of everything. But I found this titanium replacement clip. Anyone have experience with these?

The correct answer is “magazine”

Speed Loaders vs. Speed Strips for a Concealed Carry Revolver

Another gun case to SCOTUS?

We’ll see how the Wrenn case works out. But we’ve had good luck in DC so far.



For more than a decade and a half, Los Angeles has banned the sale of ultracompact guns, which lawmakers feared could be more easily hidden by criminals.

Now the city is poised to eliminate that rule in the face of legal warnings from the National Rifle Assn. and the California Rifle & Pistol Assn., which say that the city restrictions have been preempted by state law.

L.A.s longstanding ban prohibits firearm dealers in the city from selling smaller guns that measure up to 6.75 inches in length and 4.5 inches in height, as well as holsters to carry them.

Well, those measurements seem arbitrary.

That’s not an accident

Tactical Facepalm:

A gun accidentally was fired Wednesday in a dressing room at Lenox Square, Atlanta police said.

A .22-caliber gun was found by a 10-year-old boy in the Adidas store under a bench, police spokeswoman Stephanie Brown said.

The mother took the gun from her son and said she pulled the trigger to see if it was real, Brown said. A single shot was fired.

What was accidental? Emphasis added.

Well, they have no respect for laws anyway

Bloomberg’s anti-gun group is stealing photos from the little guy.

Life in the future

Hey, check out Saturn’s rings.

Gun Porn

Kalashnikovs New AMB-17 Silenced Assault Rifle at ARMY 2017

The Italian Last-Ditch TZ-45 Submachine Gun

August 24, 2017

What caliber for protest?

I am a life member of the Second Amendment Foundation. They do good work. And I find it hard to gin up the internet rage machine over Alan Gottlieb’s comments here:

We are not a fan of armed protests and highly discourage that, said Alan Gottlieb, the founder and executive vice president of the SAF. Firearms serve a purpose, and the purpose is not a mouthpiece. Its to defend yourself. If you are carrying it to make a political point, we are not going to support that.

He’s right. But doesn’t go far enough. Don’t even go to the protests. There’s bound to a dangerous environment with each group itching for some confrontation. Don’t go. No good can come from it. That said, sure I think you have a right to do that. But don’t. And Gottlieb is not saying you don’t have such a right. He’s saying he doesn’t support it. Just like me. It’s dumb.

Meanwhile, in the town up the road, the racists are gonna have a rally and the fascists are going to counter protest. And the city has banned weapons from the rally:

Police will prohibit firearms and any other weapons at a rally that’s expected to pit white supremacists against counter-demonstrators on the site of a Fort Sanders monument honoring Confederate soldiers Saturday, city officials said.

All participants will be screened with a metal detector for weapons and other prohibited items “in compliance with state law” before they’re allowed to enter one of the established demonstration zones, Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero’s office announced Wednesday.

“Our officers will be there to maintain order and ensure that everybody is free to speak their piece,” Rogero said. “These are volatile times, and I strongly urge everyone to refrain from antagonism. We can have these discussions as a community without resorting to angry rhetoric or violence.”

They’re also restricting parking and traffic in the area. I’m not certain how the city can ban those with valid carry permits from carrying in a public space, as that is preempted, generally, by state law. I’m not sure how they’ve managed to do that. I mean, I guess I could go there strapped and make a big scene and challenge the law. But I won’t. Because that’s dumb.

ATF report on Firearms Commerce

Some good info here.

But I read on the internet that revolvers are always reliable

Testing Revolvers for Reliability

But he pronounces it “Lobert Ree”

ESPN pulled a sports announcer, of Asian decent, from a broadcast because his name is Robert Lee.

Gun Porn

Wooden shorty

LAR Grizzly

August 23, 2017

Everyone saw that coming

ShotSpotter program shut down in San Antonio because it’s expensive and doesn’t work.

Interesting for the data

In a comment, HSR47 writes:

Contrary to popular belief, the TOTAL REVENUE for both SOT fees (what FFLs pay to deal with Title II firearms) and ALL transfer and making taxes paid for 2016 was $68,614,000 according to an official report released early in 2017. Thats also extremely high, and was only that high because people with trusts/corps opted to compress their next several years worth of buying into the first ~6 months of 2016.

The same figure for 2015 was $37,879,000.
The same figure for 2014 was $27,515,000.
The same figure for 2013 was $22,476,000.
The same figure for 2012 was $16,442,000.
The same figure for 2011 was $12,582,000.
The same figure for 2010 was $9,309,000.

Also, to be clear, thats the ENTIRE revenue for ALL Title II-related paperwork (both annual dealer SOT payments that will largely continue uninterrupted, and ALL tax payments for both transfer and making of ALL types of Title II firearms.

In short, if firearm mufflers were to be transferred from Title II to Title I, and to be regulated like we regulate long guns, the TOTAL IMPACT on NFA branch revenue would be significantly less than $70,000,000. Thats an amount of money that means absolutely nothing to our government.

Further, the idea that revenues would fall is likely fallacious for another reason: Regulating firearm mufflers as long guns would subject them to Pittman-Robertson taxes, at around 10-11%.

As it stands, the entire silencer industry has retail revenues of around $100,000,000-200,000,000; If we were to move them from Title II to Title II, that market would IMMEDIATELY expand to a significant degree. Even if only expanded to $700,000,000, the Pittman-Robertson act taxes would MORE than make up the differences in federal revenues.

TLDR: Once you account for the salaries of BATFE personnel tasked with handling Title II paperwork, the entire NFA process becomes either a financial wash, or an outright loss. It is NOT a moneymaker. Regulating Firearm Mufflers like long guns would instead subject them to a different tax that would require almost zero effort for the government to collect, which in turn would significantly alter the balance and make it a net earner for the government The HPA, even with the refund provision intact, would be revenue neutral for the government within 1-3 years, and would be extremely profitable for the foreseeable future thereafter.

I thought it worth sharing.

Life in the future

So, democrats are tearing down statues of other democrats I guess to erase democrat history. Heh.

And there’s some people wanting to punch Nazis. While you’re at it, can you punch some fascists by punching antifa members?

Talk of civil war. Yeah, I know how I’m betting if that ever happens. And it won’t.

Tar and feathers


In a free speech ruling that contradicts six other federal circuit courts, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a district court ruling that says Americans do not have a first amendment right to videotape the police, or any public official, in public.

You can watch the watchmen but not film them.