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And I’m back

The routine, uhm, plumbing check turned out well. Finally feeling better. It’s not the procedure. It’s the day and a half of no food and the pooping that sucked.

I’m amazed at the people who have said to me today after hearing about it, they’d never do that or get a prostate check BECAUSE BUTTS AND GAY. Seriously, people get your shit checked. There’s no need dying over something that is preventable and curable if caught early.

This has been a public service message. Seriously, get checked.

9 Responses to “And I’m back”

  1. LKP Says:

    It is not fun, but necessary. I have have to have one at the end of the year. The part I don’t like is the fasting and drinking the awful super crapper juice. Gatorade does not help at all. It still tastes bad.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    A packet of crystal light lemonade is your friend.

  3. JFT Says:

    Lemonade is one option. I think I used a pretty strong flavored light colored Powerade, and that worked for me. The procedure itself is no big deal, I could have gone straight to work from the clinic if they would have let me. It’s just the prep that is the shits.

  4. JP in MT Says:

    You know it is a group of old guys talking when you hear them comparing stories about their colonoscopies!

    He’s right, get checked. And if you get a good Doctor, you don’t even know they were there!

  5. PaulB Says:

    Did one. that is enough.

  6. JTC Says:

    Agreed, but word to the wise about the prostate thing; if you get a frequent-flier MD recommending going in there with snippers or a soldering iron RUN don’t walk to a second and third opinion. Ask me how I know.

  7. Mike V Says:

    It’s not the camera, it’s the crew I minded

  8. LCB Says:

    Had an upper and lower GI once. They did the upper first to make sure I was out of it…and the meds started to wear off while they were still doing the bottom. The air they pump up your behind so they can see well is NOT fun!!!

  9. Jerry Says:

    The part where the doctor put his hand on my shoulder was kinda’ weird, now that I think about it……..

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