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I support amnesty

For machine guns.

6 Responses to “I support amnesty”

  1. Jody Says:

    Why did that site ask if I wanted to meet men in my city? What does it know that I dont?

  2. SPM Says:

    I would not date anyone that lived in a city that would have Me..

  3. wildbill Says:

    Why not repeal the whole damn NFA/GCA bull? They’re clearly unconstitutional anyway.

  4. Lyle Says:


  5. mikee Says:

    Allowing only government-designated persons the privilege of owning certain types of firearms is a device that can work in either direction: over time decreasing the pool of approved citizens, or over time increasing the pool of approved citizens.

    Since 1980, the Concealed Carry effort has used this incremental method to basically destroy the gun control movement’s most potent propaganda against lawful armed citizens, the trademarked “Wild West Blood In The Streets” BS, to the point that Licensed vs Constitutional Carry is the favored argument to have about firearms in public now. I say give incrementalism a try with full auto guns, and when war trophies don’t end up being used by home-grown jihadis, argue for universal availability to all citizens.

  6. Ratus Says:

    While a veteran specific amnesty​ is nice, how about general NFA amnesty?