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Suppressed full auto 22 rifle


8 Responses to “Suppressed full auto 22 rifle”

  1. Pastafarian Says:

    Want. Want want want.

    Too bad they couldn’t use a 50 round banana clip. Maybe if you put a really stiff spring in such a magazine, it could keep up.

    Any chance that after they pass the Hearing Protection Act, they follow that up with the Full Auto Rights For All Act?

  2. Tim Says:

    So….if I took the cyclic rate from 1,800 rpm to ~infinity, I’d basically have a shotgun firing #4 buckshot?

  3. Harold Says:

    Ain’t that fun. I’ll teach those squirrels a thing a two.

  4. DocMerlim Says:


  5. boxty Says:

    From the video: “That’s more fun than a basket of kittens and a claw hammer.”


  6. John Richardson Says:

    Another reason that we need to get rid of the Hughes Amendment.

    That looks like so damn much fun!

  7. Sigivald Says:

    That’s stupid.

    I want one for each hand.

  8. Lyle Says:

    That’s way, way faster than the closed bolt version I fired a while back. That one fired from a closed bolt, and apparently the addition of lock time made the rate more reasonable. We were using the “banana” magazines in it with no problems.