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NRA CarryGuard: Black plastic people poppers only as primary

From their course registration:

*NOTE: NRA Carry Guard Level One is designed for training with a semi-automatic handgun (Glock 19/17, Sig P226/P228 or equivalent). We will not allow revolvers or 1911s as your primary firearm in this class.

But they’re OK with it as a secondary:

You should bring a secondary firearm that you carry concealed, as well as a holster for such. We will run the course with a primary carry weapon and then run a course of fire with a secondary or back-up gun to evaluate the differences. Please bring at least 40 rounds of ammo appropriate for your carry firearm for this portion of the class. Revolvers, 1911s and/or subcompacts can be used for this portion of the class.

29 Responses to “NRA CarryGuard: Black plastic people poppers only as primary”

  1. LucusLoC Says:

    ummm, the 1911 is a semi-automatic handgun? Any specific reason they singled that one out? Maybe because older models were not intended to be carried condition 1? If so it should be amended to read “NRA Carry Guard Level One is designed for training with a *modern* semi-automatic handgun” to avoid looking stupid.

  2. Huck Says:

    “We will not allow revolvers or 1911s as your primary firearm in this class.”

    So you cant use REAL handguns as primaries in this class, only junk guns? BTW, I consider any handgun that has plastic or aluminum frames to be junk.

    Hell, the only handguns I have are 2 revolvers and a Kobra Carry. (1911)

  3. Sigivald Says:

    Nonsense – a CZ75 is made of steel, and is allowed – as is the explicitly mentioned P226. No plastic-frame requirement.

    Basically a “modern guns only, no boutique stuff” requirement.

    I think they really mean “no single action BS”.

    (Contra above, “non-steel is junk” is … well, it’s not really rational, let’s leave it at that.

    I love the 1911 for fun, and as a historical artifact.

    I’d never pick one for carry.

    This is basically the same sort of thinking as “only the manual transmission is real driving“; at best affectation, at worst actively contrary to getting the best results.)

  4. John Richardson Says:

    $850?! Are they kidding?

  5. Drang Says:

    NRA Carry Guard, because ripping off the USCCA wasn’t derp enough.
    Most Americans who own a gun, own A gun. Limiting your courses to those who can and will own multiple guns, including one from a very short list, is dumb.
    Pissing off those who are fine with a 1911 or a revolver for carry is stupid.
    Granted there are a lot of elitists who won’t see the issues with this, any more than they’ll accept the fact that for most Americans a 3 day, $850 class is beyond contemplating.
    For an organization that was founded specifically to encourage marksmanship training, the NRAs training Department is flailing…

  6. dagamore Says:

    I do find it funny that some people are saying that 1911 should not be allowed because the tech is so old and antiquated, I am guessing that they are all caring mag-lev, Gyrojets, or caseless handguns. You know because that damn old tech of brass cased ammo is just too damn old to have any usage in modern day training…

    I also wonder with that sort of restrictions and that price, they are in the school of VODA training, do you have to have a knife in your off hand as you barely hit the target at contact range?

  7. MajMike Says:

    I carry an H&K Compact .45 USP. Very close in size to a Glock 19. Would that be allowed? Also, my beloved M1911A1 has jammed less frequently than my Glock 19.

    Apparently the NRA is against Choice.

  8. Flighterdoc Says:

    Now I’m confused. My EDC is a G30, .45ACP. Are they caliber H8rs or model H8rs?

  9. Tom R Says:

    I’m going in to my 50th year carrying a 1911 style pistol. The Commander I currently carry has north of 8000 rounds through and has NEVER had a malfunction. I watched 4 people with Glocks have cycling problems just last week at our range.
    That said, The sheer stupidity the NRA has shown the last couple of years is the reason I will NOT be renewing my memberships next year!

  10. Joseph Says:

    Honestly, All you guys saying how stupid it is to not allow revolvers / 1911’s as primaries are probably why they’re not allowing revolvers / 1911’s as primaries.

    I honestly don’t understand the obsession with such designs. It’s such a subjective viewpoint contrary to decades of research. But it’s fine, you’ll use what you want, clearly these guys want people bringing in a variety of gun designs, not just 100+ year old designs.

    My god, at least consider a Browning Hi-Power, given it was designed as a direct improvement to the 1911 from the ground up, to say nothing of later metal firearms like the CZ 75, Jericho, Sig P226, Beretta 92, etc.

    For the record, I’m rather a cheap person, so my personal handgun is a Canik TP9v2, and while I don’t get to go to the range on a constant basis due to financial constraints, 3000 rounds in on the gun, I’ve had only one issue – an ammunition related failure to fire. The gun itself has worked flawlessly. But, talking to as many people as I have, the same can be said for individual cases for basically every decent brand of handgun manufacturer out there – heck, hi-points do the same.

    So, I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I’m guessing this class is trying to promote people trying new things, instead of falling into cult/fanboy mentality states over the 1911 and revolvers.

  11. Critter Says:

    Actually, I bet it has to do with reload times. When I was teaching police offices, the ones with revolvers, especially if they didn’t practice between qualification cycles, really held up the rest of the class reloading speed loaders. There might be another reason, but I can see this as a big one.

  12. Thirdpower Says:

    A relative of mine carries a revolver as his carry piece because he only has one hand and has great difficulty using the slide.

  13. Deaf Smith Says:

    Lots of citizens carry revolvers. Usually five shooters as their primary. And these NRA guys somehow thing that is not a ‘real’ carry gun?

  14. Leatherwing Says:

    They never said revolvers and 1911s aren’t “real” carry guns. Maybe they consider them advanced and they skip straight through to “NRA Carry Guard Level Two”.

  15. nk Says:

    The problem comes from the course’s name — Carry Guard. If they had named it “Wonder Nine Course”, there’d be no controversy.

  16. Cargosquid Says:

    They talk about backup concealed being a revolver or 1911.

    What kind of course is this that thinks so many people HAVE a backup gun?

  17. Erik Says:

    Is the Sig MPX allowed? I’ll probably want something a little more compact like the micro UZI. How cool is the guy rocking and Uzi?

  18. nk Says:

    Gave me a thought, Cargosquid. Wonder Nines and backup guns? Is this a course aimed at cops?

  19. Will Says:


    Look at the trainers they hired, to answer that question.

    Bear in mind, the NRA has been pro cop, and pro hunters, for a LONG time. CCW, not so much. They have had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into supporting general CCW.

    None of my carry category guns would meet their limits and requirements.

  20. Ron W Says:

    @Will, Tennessee Firearms Association stated that NRA did little or nothing to push Constitutional Carry legislation in our State, though it is precisely pursuant to our DECLARED RIGHT to keep and carry arms for self defense enumerated in Article I, Section 26 of the State Constitution. Carry permits require permission, payment and intrusive background checks to exercise a right! That’s UNLAWFUL!

  21. Will Ford Says:

    Lifetime member I am, NRA can kiss my @$$

  22. Huck Says:

    I don’t need/want their training anyway. I’ve already had the best combat training that one could ask for; US Army Infantry training.

  23. John Says:

    So a Hi-Point is O.K.???

    1911s are like G-Locks only for men

  24. roughcoat Says:

    What a stupid thing to get booty bothered over. Don’t like their requirements, don’t sign up. Isn’t that how things are supposed to work in a free society?

  25. Sigivald Says:

    Note for everyone above, that this is one dude’s class at one club in Texas.

    Not a national standard for Every NRA Carry Guard Class – NRA’s FAQ only says: “Youll need to bring a reliable handgun and ammunition for the course. If you currently own or carry a sub-compact or defensive carry pistol, you should also bring that in addition to your range pistol”.

    This one guy doesn’t want to have to deal with revolvers or 1911 fanatics.

    Take someone else’s class if you want those.

  26. Richard Says:

    I don’t and wouldn’t carry a 1911 for defense. However, judging from classes I have taken something like 30-40% of people getting trained would and do. So if nothing else, this is a boneheaded marketing decision. It is a classic case of running the program for the convenience of the staff rather than the customer.

    I sometimes do carry a revolver when I am around big malevolent, furry things. Because I do this, I did run a revolver in a class once. I shot as well as I do with a SA but I did slow the class down because of the reloading issue. I can see having a separate class for revolvers.

  27. Will Says:


    The problem is, that if it is advertised as an NRA Carry Guard class, then the NRA pretty much owns it, as far as the public is concerned. If these classes are not consistent in content, that is a screwup on their part.

    It appears that the NRA is fumbling and bumbling.

  28. Will Says:

    Additional perspective:

  29. mariner Says:


    You ruined a perfectly content-free bitchfest with a fact.

    Shame on you.