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If this van’s a glocking


Light, off-center primer strikes caused by a failure to go completely into battery. This happened six times in thirty rounds. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Glock’s reputation for reliability is built on their 9mm guns. The further away from the 17 you get, the more chance there is that there will be special issues.

I can only recall my G30 failing once. It’s a .45. Pulled the trigger and heard a click, not a boom. But I didn’t fire several thousand rounds in it without cleaning.

21 Responses to “If this van’s a glocking”

  1. SPQR Says:

    In this case, she says that’s the first 30 rounds since cleaning.

  2. Erik Says:

    Glocks are poor people’s guns. No respect for craftsmanship or accuracy.

  3. Ron W Says:

    @Erik, but that makes available the means of “affordable” self defense. Same with a trusty Kalishnakov rifle.

  4. Gunn Says:

    @Erik: Yeah, Glocks are so terrible that the FBI HRT ditched their Glock 17s for super high-end custom 1911s, after all. And MARSOC swapped out their Glock 19s for Colt M45A1s. And the SEALs abandoned the Glock platform in favor of the Sig P226.

    Oh wait, it was the other way around in every case. Huh.

    All the truly proficient shooters I know don’t get wrapped up in condescension about brands they don’t like… they find what works for them and then they run their guns, not their mouths.

  5. James Brack Says:

    I have 5 glocks , 19,43,27,20&21. Four of them for over 10 years with the 43 only a year old. They all work very reliably but nothing like what Tam reports on the 29. Never heard of problems with the 29 but it can happen. Of the few failures over the years that I have experienced most were ammo related.

    My advise if it is not ammo related, get it fixed or move on.

  6. Will Says:

    The only problem I’ve heard about with the G29 is the inability of using the bigger gun magazines in it. The feed angle of the stock size is different, enough to make the use of the longer mags problematical. I don’t recall the details. Makes carrying it as a backup to a full size a questionable choice.

  7. Kermit Says:

    I have had six Glocks, 2x 27, 29, 32, 42, and 43. Of those six, both 27s and the 29 jammed, with the 29 being the most problematic. The 32, 42, and 43 were utterly reliable, and I still own and carry the 43. Were I to ever buy another, it would be another 9mm.

    They’re good guns from a quality manufacturer, but they are far from perfect. Fan boys and haters alike are both wrong.

    @ Erik: i have many 1911s, but only one Glock. Most of then stay in the safe, while I carry the Glock at least half the time.

    @ Gunn. My other carry Gunn is a 1911 the rest of the time.

  8. Roger Says:

    Glocks are ugly but they work well. I had a 26 & never could shoot it well. It just did not fit me. However over the time I had it, over 1000 rounds of every kind of reload, factory, etc ammo, it NEVER failed to go bang when I told it to. Currently carry a Sig 229 which fits me and works just a reliably as the Glock but it is still ugly. Good looking is my Browning Hi Power and my Smith 686. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder said the old lady as she kissed the cow.

  9. Tam Says:

    “My advise if it is not ammo related, get it fixed or move on.”

    Thanks. I’ll take that under advisement.

  10. KM Says:

    I haven’t strayed too far with calibers in Glocks, just the big 3. 40, 9 & 45acp. All have been more reliable than a semiauto pistol has a right to be unless I messed up a case in the reloading press.

    @Will: I’ve never heard of the 29 not being able to use 20 mags. (not my wheelhouse) How did they change the feed angle of the mag and not change the grip angle?

  11. Richard Says:

    Tens of thousands of rounds through a 30, a 19, a 22 and the 22 converted to 9mm. Had a definite ammo problem once with the 22. Something broke once on the 30 that required a trip back to the factory-before and after that perfect. Also have put about a thousand rounds through a combination of 17, 18, 21,26,27, 34, and 43. No malfs. I have not done 2000 rounds without cleaning but I have done 500-1000 multiple times.

  12. Will Says:

    no personal experience with it, just what I remember reading when the tiny model came out. I don’t recall any mention of changes in the gun feedramp or barrel design, just the mag feeding angle difference.

    It’s possible that the cycling dynamics with the shorter/lighter slide and heavier springs caused the round to stick or jam, and that changing the feed angle would move the contact points enough to keep from creating the condition.

    This opens the question of whether the bigger models would benefit from changing their feeding angles to match. That’s not a given, though. It’s a complex system. Not nearly as simple as most people think.

  13. DocMerlin Says:

    i’ve had a similar problem with an XDs. I found that adding more oil helped.

  14. Tam Says:

    Some of these comments are amusing.

  15. Tam Says:


    The only problem Ive heard about with the G29 is the inability of using the bigger gun magazines in it. The feed angle of the stock size is different, enough to make the use of the longer mags problematical. I dont recall the details.

    Do you have a link for that?

  16. Hartley Says:

    Like Unc, I owned and carried a G30 for a long time, and as it aged, it began exhibiting the “light strike” problem described.
    Using the ever-popular Internet, I discovered that Glock had changed the trigger assembly and this was suspected to be a fix for the problem. But replacing it (and also the striker spring) didn’t really help much. Then a retired PO friend suggested a new recoil spring – and the problem disappeared! Was it just not going into battery fully? I dunno, but it’s a possibility.
    I also own a really high-mileage G21 – a former cop gun, and the only Glock I’ve ever seen with enough crud buildup in the slide groves to impede the action. The same recoil spring fix (for light strikes) worked wonders there as well.

  17. Phenicks Says:

    OK, I’m not a hater, I’ve tried Glocks and I didn’t care for them. They were utterly reliable, but I liked others better. My question goes to those who own a number line, a period, a bevy of Glocks? They are the freaking same gun, many only needing a barrel and mag to change caliber. Some of the sizes are so close you need them next to each other to see a difference. They are not collectable in beauty or in ‘weirdness’. It’s like a car enthusiast owning a bunch of late model Accords or Civics. I don’t get the compulsion. I know beauty is in the eye… but why do you ‘collect them Glocks’?

  18. SPQR Says:

    No one collects Glocks. They do nasty, nasty things in dark gun safes, resulting in more Glocks.

    Keep your Glocks in dry, well-lit rooms.

  19. Hartley Says:

    I’ve owned a number of Glocks – a first-gen G17 , a G19, G22, two G21s and a G30. The only one that I had real issues with (outside of the aforementioned light strikes with the G30 & one of the G21s) was the G19, which had the annoying habit of engaging the slide lock randomly – changing the slide lock made no difference). Sold most of them when we sold the house & moved aboard.
    No, Glocks are not beautiful like a 1911 or almost any wheelgun, but they work when you need them, which has a beauty all its own 🙂

  20. Will Says:

    That info was from a gunrag when the G29 was new. I don’t recall which one, although I probably have it filed in the garage. That’s perhaps 6-8 file boxes of gunrags, so not currently able to find it. I’ll prod my now poor memory to attempt to narrow it down to a particular publisher (I’m leaning toward “Handgunner”).

    A quick web look for the subject shows nothing, not even at GT, although my google-fu is weak. Lots of mention of using the bigger mags in the G29, however.

    If that writer was correct, that would then imply that Glock quickly changed the bigger mag to be compatible with the smaller gun. They, of course, will not acknowledge this, as they are notorious for being closed-mouthed about design changes.

    I would expect there would be a revision change for the bigger mag, and that would be noted in their Armorers Manual, but not why, of course. I’ve misplaced my copy, it seems. I’ll keep looking for it.

    Took that class from Glock Inc, in the early 00’s, at SHOT. (That’s why I can speak for them being very tight with info.) (Instructor was the NYPD helicoptor pilot who did that drop test from the air, for NYPD’s evaluation.) It’s possible that the mag revision was noted in the course, but I’m drawing a blank at this time.

  21. Skip Says:

    As far as ugly Tupperware goes, I kinda like my CZs.