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Kydex coasters.

5 Responses to “KYDEX ALL THE THINGS”

  1. DocMerlin Says:

    How does that work? Would the heat off the mug warp the coaster?

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Fifteen dollars?

    Damn. Wish I’d thought of that.

  3. kfg Says:

    I know this might come as a shock for some here, but Kydex wasn’t invented for making holsters. Making coasters out of it isn’t a gun guy fetish. Thinking it’s a gun guy fetish is the gun guy fetish.

  4. kfg Says:

    “Would the heat off the mug warp the coaster?”

    If you are in the habit of putting things twice the temperature of boiling water in your mug, I would exercise caution.

    What do you think the cup holder in your car is made out of?

    If it does happen to warp, for any reason, well, get out the heat gun and straighten it out.

  5. cmonster556 Says:

    As much as I detest Kydex holsters, I would pass on these as well.