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Just one more law ought to do it

California looks to limit gun purchases to one per month.

4 Responses to “Just one more law ought to do it”

  1. Alien Says:

    Other than the fact that they’re incessantly trampling basic rights, California is getting close to the point of being simple amusement which, unfortunately, is usually the precursor to “Venezuela.” I’m a little surprised the laws of physics still work on the left coast.

    Probably time to buy Welcome Wagon stock in Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina.

  2. Mike W. Says:

    Kind of an “oh look, a gun law we forgot to impose on the law abiding folks still stuck here” afterthought.

  3. Jay Hafemeister Says:

    Every year California’s legislature passes stricter gun control laws.
    Similarly, every session, Texas removes restrictions on gun ownership and carry.

    If gun laws were a significant driver of violent crime rates these states would have wildly different numbers.

  4. JimB Says:

    One gun a month- We can see how it has dramatically reduced crime in New Jersey