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The M&P 2.0’s new slide top

Here’s the patent for it. If I read that correctly, it’s designed to keep insertion of the magazine from moving the slide forward, which is what a gun should do. I have a few of the M&P, err, 1.0s. And I have two that never do that. And one that reliably will do it if you slam the magazine in hard.

4 Responses to “The M&P 2.0’s new slide top”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    I thought the automagic slide release when reloading was a feature, not a bug?

    I use it all the time in idpa

  2. Dustin Says:

    Personally, I’ve seen too many people try it and wind up without a bullet in a chamber to think it’s a feature.

  3. Laughingdog Says:

    Dustin’s comment is exactly why I’ve had more than one trainer warn against depending on that method for closing the slide. One, who primarily shot M&Ps, said that brand was especially prone to not chambering a round when you’d close the slide just by slamming the mag in.

  4. WallPhone Says:

    It’s a slide stop stopper.