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October 31, 2016

This just in: people that break the law break the law

Study Finds Murderers Ignored Existing Gun Laws

Excuse me while I whip this out

You know, the greatest thing to come out of the whole Wiener and Hillary email thing is the jokes. Some of my favorites so far:


Stroking Gun

Wieners rise and fall

I know, it’s hard to top some of those.

Team Hillary

Kaine says we need more gun laws. No real specifics, of course.

Gun Porn

The Vampire Hunter Colt Detective Special Revolver

Team Never Quit MK12CF Special Purpose Rifle

October 28, 2016

So, if I understand all this correctly

The FBI has re-opened the investigation into HRC’s clear violation of law because of Anthony Wiener. Now that’s funny right there.

Best election ever.

No news is news

Since campus carry went into effect, there have been no gun incidents.

Dress around the gun

I concur. It bears repeating. This is advice that is useless to a lot of people. Not everyone can wear an untucked shirt and jeans everywhere they go. I can so I carry a full-sized 9mm with a light on it in a holster.

This week in content thievery

Soldier of Fortune lifting Shooting Illustrated articles and attaching their sponsored holsters to them.

Gun Porn

New Hollywood guns at the NRA Museum.

Not too interested in the holster but that’s a nice Zev.

October 27, 2016

Blogs, death. And the death of blogs

Via Sebastian, I learned that Steven Den Beste has died. I remember him from the early days of blogging as well, though I cannot say I was a regular reader. But I remember reading his stuff because everyone else at the time linked him. And someone on facebook mentioned another old school blogger who passed ten years ago. Acid Man.

Going down his blogroll (Links to other blogs on the sidebar. Remember when people had those? *checks* Oh, I still have one.) and seeing all those blogs I used to read. And most of those sights are completely gone now. A whole wealth of good material and political insight just gone. Most domain names bought up by Russian and Chinese spam companies. The other day, I noticed Ravenwood commenting again. Hopped over to his sight to see if he was writing again. He has been but sporadically. And went down his blogroll. Same thing. Links to dead air of people I used to read all the time. Gone.

I’m with Sebastian on this. The professional blog and social media are going to end the personal blog. Traffic here is less than half what it once was. That’s a combination of the change in the internet of things and that I haven’t, frankly, been putting a lot of effort into it.

The internet will go into a consolidation mode where professionals manage the social media and it’s scooped under the name of a few players. Just like what happened with radio and cable television.

What guns Americans are buying

A list over at FoxNews, written by someone who knows little about guns. Pistol gauge?

I’m not surprised by the AR-15 and the shield. I think a few years back, the top selling pistol would have been the LCP.


Support for an assault weapons ban is at an all time low. Only 50% of democrats support a ban. That surprised me. And we’re winning pretty soundly with independents.

Kalashnikov Pistol: The Viking M

From the company:

Kalashnikov Group, as a company integrated in the Rostec State Corporation within the frames of the in-house Kalashnikov Cup match for practical shooting from pistol made a presentation of fire capabilities of the updated pistol MP-446 VIKING-M featuring operation life of 50,000 shots, as minimum. The event took place in the Shooting Complex Object near Moscow. In 2017 the pistol will come into the Russian market.

Yeah, the English isn’t good. But you get the gist. Here’s a video:

I concur

Millennials need Don Rickles. Everyone does. That man is hysterical.


Oddly, those states they came from don’t have the violent crime rate NY does.

Gun Porn

Radom P64

Defending your life with the Shield.

October 25, 2016

And he walked right through that restraining order . . .

And got shot and killed.

Remington gets into plastic guns

Right here. Soon, everyone will make a plastic, striker-fired gun.


250K year old aluminum thingy could be from alins. Looks like a small skid loader bucket.

Strange messages from space could be from aliens.


Kathleen Kane is going to jail.

Things you’d never see in a gun magazine years ago

Junk carry works best if your personal definition of in shape is not round is a shape.

Park lawsuit to gain standing?

A while back, Knoxville declared that Chilhowee Park was not a park, even though it has park in the name and is actually a fucking park. They did this to ban guns at the state fair. They were sued over the ban. The city argued the plaintiffs had no standing because they didn’t actually carry and get arrested. So, this year, activists went there again and were threatened with arrest.

Enforcing the laws on the books

Not in Baltimore:

Arrests in Baltimore for illegal guns often lead to dropped charges or little jail time

Calling for gun control is easier than, you know, doing something.

One of the dangers of tiny explosions going off near your face

Well, that’s a hell of a kaboom.

Gun Porn

Famous handguns of Hollywood


Hudson .30 Cal Machine Gun Toolroom Model

October 21, 2016

Carry your guns, people

Island County sheriff was at the Cascade Mall when the shooting started. He was not carrying a gun.

I wonder if he was just following the mall’s no gun policy? Apparently not. He doesn’t carry when he’s out of his county and off duty. I find that odd.

Oh, internet

Heh and Heh-er

Because of all those shootings that happen at polling places all the time

Today in dumb headlines:

Most states have no laws about guns in polling places. Some election officials think that could be a problem.

Same with grocery stores, the local diner, and other places.

Of course, where I voted was on a college campus that has posted a valid no guns sign.

Life in the future

A medical procedure for those suffering frm “selfie-chin”

The future is stupid.

Gun Porn

The Smith & Wesson Model Number One