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September 29, 2016

This is how you government

A combination of FBI incompetence, ATF incompetence and state level incompetence lead to people getting guns who should be denied based on background checks:

Shortcomings at federal and state agencies allow sales of firearms to people prohibited from buying them, a Justice Department inspector general probe found.

The issue became the subject of investigation after the FBI said the alleged shooter charged in the 2015 mass shooting at a South Carolina church should not have been able to buy a firearm. The FBI failed to complete the background check in the three days required by law, allowing the alleged shooter to buy the gun.

While the FBI runs background checks, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives is responsible for retrieving guns from buyers who werent legally permitted to purchase them.

But for the past 15 years, the FBI and ATF have disagreed over what is a fugitive from justice, which would disqualify a prospective buyer from legally obtaining a firearm, the inspector general report said. There were nearly 50,000 such purchases between 1999 and 2015 that the FBI sought to deny, but that the ATF didnt agree required the agency to try to retrieve the gun.

So, ATF isn’t going to get guns that the FBI says they should. And then I read this line:

Despite the Obama administrations push to more tightly enforce crimes associated with illegal gun sales, the federal prosecutors are doing fewer prosecutions of people who obtain firearms as a result of lapses in the gun background check system, the inspector general report said.

So, they’re just not doing their job. And more gun laws will help? Give them more background check violations to not investigate?

The mall shooter illegally possessed a gun and illegally voted

He wasn’t a citizen but voted anyway. Clearly, we need background checks for voting.

Life in the future

The future is stupid.

Is your dogs Halloween costume sexist? No. And you’re a moron.

The Paper of Making Up the Record on what to do if your doctor tells you you should lose some weight:

Consider telling the doctor you feel upset or distressed, Dr. Puhl said. If you are feeling judged, let the doctor know.

And if the doctor is impossible, impatient and unwilling to look beyond the patients weight?

Ask for a second opinion, Dr. Puhl said. Or consider switching doctors.”

Go to your safe space!

So, they won’t enforce it

I’m remiss mentioning that Missoula, Montana recently passed a law requiring background checks for all transfers. The police there said they’re only going to enforce it if someone complains. What if they leave town?

Well, that’s comforting

The Tennessean:

Vice Mayor David Briley has convened a special Metro Council hearing next month that will explore gun violence in Nashville, whether its actually on the rise, and what to do about it if theres a problem.

Sounds like he has a plan.

The party of smaller government

After getting a big day from a casino magnate, some Republicans want to ban online gambling. Again. Still. I wonder if they’ll exclude gambling rich people do again?

Trump and the NRA: A Q&A

Chris Cox interviews Donald Trump. His answers seem pretty good for gun rights.

Gun Porn

Spend $15K for a small piece of metal and you get a free gun:

lighting link

September 28, 2016

A right delayed

In response to the rioting in Charlotte, lots of locals went to buy handguns. They had to settle on shotguns because of NC’s arbitrary permitting process.


D.C. to lift stun-gun ban after constitutional challenge by gun rights advocates

Seems to me DC has taken the new strategy of surrendering earlier and writing a new law that’s slightly less bad. We’ll see.

Guilty of bad think

In NJ (of course) a high school student was suspended and ordered to take a psychological evaluation for working on a pro-gun project.

Maybe his next video should be on the effect of tar and feathers at getting people to stop meddling in the lawful affairs of others.

What happens when a wasp flies into your AR chamber

Language warning:

It’s a good reminder that little things can turn your gun into a club pretty quickly.


To local yokel Liston for his SAF Defender of Liberty award.

Gun Porn

Vadum Electronic eBP-22 Bullpup

Those are just sexy

September 27, 2016

Washington mall shooter used a Ruger 10/22

ABC News:

Cetin’s mother helped to identify him from surveillance camera images released by police. The arrest warrant said Cetin allegedly used a Ruger 10-22 that had a 25-round magazine.

Looks like it:


But we must ban assault weapons.

On the debate

Yeah, I watched it. I was unimpressed. Hillary seemed medicated. Her freaky eye movements were distracting. And she had obviously memorized a bunch of talking points and could rattle them off when prompted.

Trump owned the first half hour or so. Then sort of lost it. He was not on his A game after and, frankly, didn’t do very well or come across well. I’m not sure if he got flustered or what.

The moderator seemed to let Clinton state her talking point and then would rarely follow up. Trump got a lot more follow up questions. The camera was odd too. Throughout the debate, we could see both candidates on split screen. And we saw Trump drink a lot of water. Probably not good optics. And the camera play favored Hillary if you buy into the whole people prefer tall people thing.

The format was stale, I thought.

What do Hillary and Trump have in common?

I mean, other than that they’re both seemingly terrible people.

They both are cool with denying civil rights to people who are placed on government lists. And this:

Tonight’s first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was a massive reminder that they’re both on the same page on some of the worst policies.

Sadly, that seems correct.

ATF gets its own puff piece

Mother Jones laments that the poor, put upon ATF lacks personnel and is underfunded. From the piece:

“We always crack up when they’re like, ‘You’re coming to take our guns,'” says Corey Ray with an eye roll. “Look, we don’t have the people.” Ray, an ATF spokesman, reels off some facts: More than 10 million guns are made in the United States every year, and another 5 million are imported. That’s on top of the estimated 350 million already in Americans’ hands. Then consider that there are only 2,600 ATF special agents, and it’s not hard to see why gun grabbing isn’t just a political fantasy, but a mathematical impossibility. “Even if we were like, ‘Yeah, we’re coming to take your guns,'” Ray says, “30 years from now you might get a knock on your door.”

The ATF has a hard enough time doing the job it’s actually set up to do. By design, it’s an analog agency in a digital world. The bureau currently gets 2 million new records a month, documents that line the hallways and are stacked head-high in offices throughout the tracing center. The overflow extends to the parking lot, where on the day I visited there were 13 shipping containers crammed with paperwork. Much of it comes from gun dealers that have gone out of business and are required to send their sales records to the ATF. They come in on microfilm, on DVDs, in encrypted files. Some arrive burned, soaked, or on tracing paper. “It makes you wonder if this was done on purpose,” says Ray, pointing to a pile of partly shredded documents

Well, good. They seem to think they won’t be able to disarm people. Cut their funding even more.

I have my doubts

It’s being reported about the Houston shooter:

Police said DeSai used a .45-caliber handgun during the assault and they later found 2,600 rounds of ammunition and a Thompson submachine gun in his car, a black convertible Porsche parked near where he was killed.

DeSai lived in a condominium complex near the scene of the shooting at Weslayan and Law streets.

A search of his home turned up additional weapons and several pieces of military regalia and other items going back to the Civil War. The .45-caliber handgun was bought in 2011. The Thompson submachine gun was purchased in 2009.

I’m a bit skeptical. I would think if you were going to shoot at people seemingly arbitrarily that the Thompson would be better suited to that than a 45 caliber handgun.

I doubt I’d fire it

3 D printed 357 magnum. He fired it and cracked the slide. Then repaired with a zip tie:

I doubt I’d be willing to send a few down range with it.

Truth in satire

The Onion: Rahm Emanuel Concerned Gun Violence Could Spread To Parts Of City He Gives Shit About

But they asked nicely

Man walks into a Starbucks and shoots and kills someone. But Starbucks asked people not to carry guns in their stores.

Good for them

Nashville passed some laws restricting the property rights of its citizens. The laws targeted short term rentals. And they asked the police to enforce the rules, which target AirBNB. Well, the police said they’d rather catch real criminals:

With Nashvilles continued growth, our police officers have plenty on their plates answering calls for service and proactively working to deter criminal activity, Aaron told The Tennessean in an emailed statement. Enforcement of short term rental issues is not something the MNPD should be a part of. That should rest with the codes department. The MNPD presently responds to quality of life issues such as vehicles blocking rights of way and noise complaints. We will continue to do so.

Well, solving real crime doesn’t generate revenue.

This could be interesting

DownrangeTV will be simulating a mass casualty event.

Gun Porn

Ruger SR22 Suppressor Host

M1D Sniper Garand

September 26, 2016

S&W out of the U.S. Armys Modular Handgun System

They’ve filed an 8K with the SEC to let investors know they are no longer in running for replacing the Army’s handgun:

We and our partner in the pursuit of the U.S. Armys Modular Handgun System, or MHS, solicitation to replace the M9 standard Army sidearm have been notified by the Department of the Army that our proposal was not selected to advance to the next phase of the competition. The MHS program has never been included in our financial guidance. We are assessing our options in response to the notification and remain focused on achieving our long-term strategy of organically and inorganically expanding our product offerings in the consumer market for shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiasts.

So, that leaves Glock and Sig?

Only the police should have guns

That’s a whole lot of weapons that have been lost or stolen.

Flashlights on guns

A thing I’ve noted a few times is now a thing someone in the press is talking about:

How many people have been injured or killed in accidental shootings by police officers using gun-mounted flashlights isnt known.

The statistic is not tracked, but deaths or injuries appear to be rare. The Denver Post reported in 2014 it had found four cases since 2005 where someone was hurt when an officer mistakenly pulled the trigger instead of flipping on the flashlight.

If you have a gun mounted flashlight, that’s smart. But it should be used as a gun and not as a flashlight. Have a regular flashlight for that.

Gun Porn

Gettin’ Siggy wit it

Dardick revolver and ‘tround’

Molot VEPR 12 Shotgun

September 24, 2016


I’ve had the revolver bug for a while. Never managed to commit because I don’t really want to take on another caliber. But the 9mm revolvers never particularly appealed to me. In a bit of an impulse purchase, I came across a decent deal on a Ruger GP100 Match Champion:



Basically, Ruger took their GP100 and trimmed some weight and polished up the internals. It’s billed as a custom revolver. I’ve yet to get it to the range but plan on doing so tomorrow.

I may regret not getting the adjustable sight model, but we’ll see.

Any upgrades I absolutely must do? And what ammo should I run?