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March 31, 2016

Democratic Socialism

North Korea is warning it’s imprisoned that there is a coming famine. So, the citizens there need to start taking their rice to dear leader, who is about 300 pounds:

Rodong Sinmun called for a 70-day campaign of loyalty and reportedly demanded that the North Korean people demonstrate their allegiance to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. To that end, the country is requiring all residents of Pyongyang, North Koreas capital city, to deliver about 2 lb. of rice to state warehouses each month.

Guns and ammo


In other words, it’s entirely possible that I could have come into this test with a case-and-a-half of warm Fiocchi or Remington ammo and a few hundred rounds of 115gr and 124gr JHP, and the gun would have fired 2,000 rounds with maybe one or two malfunctions and I’d be telling you this thing was the best deal since before Springfield started marketing the Croatian Sensation and it still cost $200 from some little importer in Knoxville.

Who needs due process of law?

Hawaii bill would allow gun seizure after hospitalization

Protection racket

The politics of beer.

I don’t see the big deal

So, you set up a hypothetical where abortion is illegal. Then ask if those who engage in said illegal activity should answer to the law. The answer would clearly be yes, if you were a law and order guy.

This won’t go the way they planned

A while back, Vuurwapen Blog posited, with scientific evidece, that gun cleaner Fireclean was similar to some sort of vegetable oil. Well, now Fireclean is suing Andrew for this.

You can donate to his defense fund here.


I can’t believe what appear to be grown men would put up with nonsense like this in the vague hopes of hooking up with a girl.

Gun Porn

A Kimber Recovered From The World Trade Center

And Jerry Miculek shoots the Nintendo Zapper Glock:

March 30, 2016

The internet of things


Bitter and I were talking this morning about how this doesnt feel like the same country as it was a decade ago. Its easy to blame Obama, given his penchant for trolling middle America, but I think the problem goes deeper than that. Its easy to blame Cable News and Talk Radio, but those all existed for several decades, and it didnt make people all that much nastier. Some might argue that its the result of the self-esteem generation coming of age, but I dont think things get this bad this quickly with generational turnover.

Anymore, I kind of watch the whole political process as an interested outsider. And I laugh because, as someone I know said, BEST ELECTION EVER. I can’t disagree, from an entertainment perspective.

Where are we going and why am I in a handbasket?

End the war on drugs and release the prisoners of war

Good for Obama, commuting non violent drug offenders.

Man invents nothing

That should be the headline. Instead it’s Man invents cell phone gun. It’s a piece of vaporware. Let’s see a working model. I tried to buy one but can’t.

It’s a protection racket

How Crony Capitalism Works:

Dentists lobby for rules that prevent dental hygienists from performing teeth-whitening; the lawyers guild sustains extortionate rates in part by making sure that less-credentialed workers are blocked from performing even basic administrative legal tasks; college administrators earn top-flight salaries while the federally-enforced accreditation system suppresses alternative education models; the American Medical Association strains to minimize the scope of work available to nurses and nurse practitioners; and hedge fund managers push finance regulations make sure they have a leg up on less-sophisticated investors.

Well, that’s hysterical

It’s one thing to have a website no one reads. But now the anti gun side has a podcast no one listens to. The podcasts are short because you can only parrot the same lies so many times before you get the vapors.

Some merchant of death you are, buddy.

A gun shop owner thwarted a mass shooting:

A Hocking County gun shop owner may have prevented a mass shooting at Ohio University in Athens, authorities said.

John Downs, owner of a Logan gun shop, refused to sell a gun to 25-year-old James Howard. Howard passed a background check, but he made statements that indicated he may want to harm himself or others, according to ABC 6.

“There was a red flag for me,” Downs told ABC 6. “I won’t allow that; I don’t want that to be on me.”

Good for you.

Yes, it’s a mystery

The Paper of Making Up The Record and some nonsensical study is having a hard time figuring out exactly who will become terrorists.

Old people to weak to handle guns?

So says Gawker. Based on the author’s appearance, I’m guessing most old people are stronger than him.

Gun Porn

.50 caliber gatling gun:

Quad barrel shotgun. Yeah, that’s right.

MP5 clone

March 29, 2016

Ruled by bureaucracy

We don’t need congress to pass a law. Or the president to sign it. Or any of that democracy stuff. Just unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats to issue 629 pages of regulations as one rule for one pet project. The EPA wants to regulate amateur racing.

The democrat funding will continue

The supreme court split 4-4, thus upholding a lower court ruling that your employer can force you to pay union dues, which generally go to democrats.

When people go on about crony capitalism, this isn’t what they mean.

Hillary Clinton on Gun Control

She had some sockpuppet write an opinion piece for her. It’s full of the usual nonsense that won’t work. And it’s clear she has no understanding of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms act.

But, as Joe points out, this piece might be useful at her trial.

More on guns at the GOP condition

Which is not gonna happen. But, it turns out, the petition for allowing carry there was started by an anti-gun, democrat, Hillary supporter.

Go home, granola breath

Honestly, how do people like this even muster the ability to go out?

News you can use

A guide to budget ammo

Gun Porn

Japanese Garand

1911s made from a meteorite.

Full auto CZ-75:

March 28, 2016

Cool Fire Trainer

Shut up and take my money.

The Cool Fire Trainer:

This is the CoolFire trainer.

This makes your gun kick harder then a 9mm just using a refillable Co2 barrel and recoil spring. The set up is about $400 and one tank of Co2 lasts about 3500 trigger pulls.

It fires a quick pulse laser to show where you hit. Perfect for home training.

Posted by John Napolitano on Saturday, March 26, 2016

This is cool on many levels, the first being actual recoil so you can practice recovering from recoil. Next, practice at home. I do wish the charge lasted longer.

I love my SIRT but this thing has my interest.

Well, at least he’s honest

Anti-gun activists don’t care about truth or honesty.

A civil rights victory

The Second Amendment Foundation:

The Second Amendment Foundation today won a major victory when a federal judge for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) declared the commonwealths ban on handguns to be unconstitutional under the Second Amendment.

CNMI is governed under a Covenant to Establish a Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands in Political Union with the United States of America, according to the ruling, written by Chief Judge Ramona V. Manglona. She noted that several provisions of the Constitution are applicable to the Commonwealth through that Covenant, including the Second Amendment.

And then, there were nine

Idaho removes permitting requirement to carry a handgun.

Pretty much

Carry at the GOP convention was never going to happen.

Yeah, that’ll work