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February 29, 2016

The Trumpening

Do you want Donald Trump? Because this is how you get Donald Trump.

People seem to be taking measured bites out of the shit sandwich instead of focusing on the fact that it’s a shit sandwich.

I kinda thought the reform in the GOP would come from libertarians or conservatives. Instead, they’ll just burn themselves down. This will be interesting to watch.


I’m a gun owner but . . .

Pro gun people for Hillary? From a person who wants to carry a .380:

I think everybody that’s buying these big, high-powered rifles nowadays,” she said, “what do you need that for?

None of your damned business.


Nearby houses evacuated because someone found 75 rounds of ammo. Evacuated because somebody doesn’t know anything about ammo. Shockingly, it was in Texas.

The bill drill

The Best Drill For Concealed Carry. Sure, for a specific set of circumstances.

He speaks

Justice Thomas spoke at the court for the first time in about a decade. He asked about a gun case:

Thomas asked the Justice Department lawyer defending the governments prosecution whether the violation of any other law suspends a persons constitutional rights

I can only think of some states’ voting laws, but that’s not federal.

The internet of things

Did twitter help destroy the small blog? Could be. Facebook too. Folks began to have their conversations on facebook because it was easier. There are a lot of folks I made connections with who no longer read this blog but who I still engage on the bookface. Twitter allowed everyone to become Instapundit.

Gun Porn

Concealed carry guns for runners.

Ithaca M37 Riot Shotgun Rides Again

February 28, 2016


So, a guy gets upset and goes to work, where he kills four and injures fourteen. He had to have a third party buy his guns for him because he was a prohibited person:

Authorities on Friday were investigating whether the man who opened fire on co-workers at a Hesston, Kansas, industrial plant used guns purchased through a third party and not at a licensed gun dealer because his criminal background prevented him from buying guns legally, law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation told NBC News

The police had served him a restraining order just before the rampage, making him a double prohibited person:

A gunman who fatally shot three people and injured 14 others on Thursday began his rampage not long after he was served with a restraining order aimed at barring him from contact with someone he had abused, authorities said Friday.

And then he violated company policy by taking his double plus illegal possession of guns to work.

Probably a good call

With Scalia’s death, The New York State Rifle and Pistol association is not seeking cert.

Who’s a sad clown?

University of Texas dean leaves school, citing campus carry gun law

When guns are outlawed, outlaws will have . . .

Grenades. Or, anything really, since they’re outlaws.

Mass stabbing

Well, more like a slitting really:

Police in India say an accountant stabbed 14 members of his own family to death with a butcher’s knife, including seven children.

Hasnin Anwar Warekar drugged his wife, children and parents and then slit their throats at a party on Saturday evening before hanging himself, according to reports.

They should ban assault knives.

Four years later

And the tale of Trayvon Martin is still a lie.

Indoor shooting ranges banned in Knoxville

I knew this but had kind of forgotten about it. The existing ones are grandfathered.

That’s pretty neat

The Get Off Me Tool. I carry the S&W Tactical Pen when necessary.

Gun Porn

4-Bore Stopping Rifles

NRA Museums Guns of the Week

February 25, 2016

Nifty: Self Destructing Ammo

US Army develops the round so that it can be safely fired in cities.

Then the article goes on about that ridiculous non lethal gun attachment thing for some reason. “journalism”

What could possibly go wrong?

Virginia considers bill to withhold all officers names

Seems some reporters were asking questions about officers and this was the response. Accountability is for the little people.

What is this? I don’t even

In some bizarre Markley’s Law comes to life moment, comes balls that mount to a picatinny rail:


I guess it appeals to the same sort of person who buys truck nuts.

I want a support Glock


Speaking of TN

Reducing the cost of handgun permits. I found this interesting (and also why there will never permitless carry):

Public records obtained by the Tennessee Firearms Association from the Tennessee Department of Safety shows that from 2008 to 2014 the state of Tennessee has charged and collected $52,701,104 from citizens who were applying for state handgun permits.

However, those same state reports show that it only cost the Department of Safety $35,166,452 to fully administer that program.

Tennessee Official State Rifle

Now, officially The Barrett .50


Anti-gun politician, who dealt guns, sentenced to 5 years. I guess head on pike was too much

Gun Porn

Tactical face palm.

February 24, 2016


Ok, then:

It began life as a Hi-Point JHP, but we firmly believe in improving stock products, so enter the Hi-Point Customs Hi-Point JHP Block I. The Block I featured ghost ring sights, a high speed 2.5lb match trigger, a custom stippled handjob, a custom finish, and we modified 1911 magazines to function in this fine handgun (which funny enough, has been exceedingly more reliable than the stock magazine).

Unsatisfied, we moved on to create the Block II, which involved a hand fit tactical barrel extension and a single chamber muzzle brake (dubbed T-Brake).

To couple with these upgrades, we have also tortured it, and it refuses to stop, much like George Zimmerman and Donald Trump. This gun cannot be flimflammed or stumped. From washing machines to throwing contests in mud, firing .38 spl, firing ammunition that fails to headspace, and only having been cleaned in said washing machine, this gun will not stop working.


More anti-gun stupidity

Clutching their pearls and screaming GUN INDUSTRY TARGETS CHILDREN.


Remember Cecil the lion? Due to the internet outrage machine, fewer hunters are going to Zimbabwe so the park may have to shoot 200 surplus lions.

Camacho 2016


Update: Related


Warnings to the faculty of the University of Houston to alter their behavior lest they upset someone with a carry permit.

Metal all the things

The Weird Global Appeal of Heavy Metal