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December 30, 2015

A small victory for Moms Demand

Or, rather, not a victory at all: They claim victory because a grocer doesn’t allow open carry but does allow concealed.


Do Democrats cause murder?

The holidays

200 people lined up for permits: Allegheny County residents waiting up to 3 hours to apply for gun licenses

New from Ruger: The American Pistol

Over at DRTV. Looks kind of like they maybe getting into the military contract game.

You had one job


Gun Porn

The First Maxim Machine Gun

Scout scope on an AR15?

December 29, 2015

Tactical Tennis Ball Launcher, with Bacon

For Christmas, my son got Backyard Ballistics: Build Potato Cannons, Paper Match Rockets, Cincinnati Fire Kites, Tennis Ball Mortars, and More Dynamite Devices. So, we first made a tennis ball launcher, because we had all the stuff laying around. It wasn’t tactical enough so we put an angled forward grip on it. And we used bacon duct tape:


December 28, 2015

You may be metal but Lemmy was more

God dammit.

Gut Err Nut Wrenching

I’ve mentioned I like the Colt 6920s with no furniture (I got 3 from Tombstone Tactical, 2 for me and 1 for the nephew) because I can doll them up in whatever Magpul furniture I like. I like a single point sling and use the Magpul ASAP to mount it. And this has lead to me boogering up 3 of the 6920s. Here’s one:


Colt, making a fine weapon, stakes the castle nut like an AR maker is supposed to. This makes makes removal of the sling mount a pain in the buttocks. Basically, you have to gorilla the damn thing off of there either with brute force or by tapping your wrench with a rubber mallet. The first one, I successfully He-Manned it off of there and bent the CAR stock wrench. The second one, I used a bit larger wrench and the mallet method, since I scratched the buffer tube so bad taking the first one off. The mallet method with the slightly larger wrench didn’t work. It bent the wrench pretty badly. So, I got a nicer, larger wrench and managed to get the second one off with it. Then, my nephew goes to do the third one and snaps hook right off the wrench. All three are pictured below:


What method and tool do you use?

And I make certain to loctite them after the mount is installed.

Oh and:

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Justice department crosschecking firearms purchasers with “watch list”?

Well, they’re getting sued for that:

A federal class-action lawsuit filed this week accuses the Justice Department of treating every potential gun owner like a terrorist by requiring the cross-checking of names of firearm purchasers with those on secret watch lists.

Paloma Capanna, an attorney, filed a complaint this week against the Justice Departments top brass in Rochester, New York, to raise objections to the federal governments use of rosters containing the names of suspected terrorists when reviewing proposed firearm purchases. Ms. Capanna is a policy analyst with the Shooters Committee on Political Education, a New York-based gun rights group.

The plaintiffs currently more than two dozen individuals led by Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America specifically take aim at the governments decision to cross-check likely gun buyers with the Terrorist Screening Database maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center, a division of the FBI.

You’re in a very large prison

Try leaving without the paperwork department’s forms. No, however, it’s a debtors’ prison.

Only the police should have guns

Puerto Rican police officer murders three other officers at the police station.

Police officer practicing quick draw fires gun negligently at an airport.

Speaking of the VA: Move to strip him of his protection detail


A lot of the governors power is deferred to the General Assembly at that point and Ill be getting with my collegues to circumvent everything this governor has done on this point, he said. I have a budget amendment that Im looking at to take away his executive protection unit. If hes so afraid of guns, then Im not going to surround him with armed state policemen.

This comes after the AG made a move to eliminate reciprocity with 25 other states.


With gun sales rising, so is diversity among gun owners. Women being among the fastest growing.

Follow the money

The VA AG received most of his donations from Bloomberg’s group.

Gun Porn

G35. Seems she’s gone all Glockity.

I like the Colt 6920s that come with no furniture. Now, there’s an AK from DDI like that.

December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

To you and yours. Light blogging.

And here’s a flamethrower you can buy.

December 23, 2015

Tactical Mallet


I was cleaning off my work bench (for gun stuff and household projects) and this somehow happened moving stuff around. Thought it was funny.

Coordinated Campaign

Seems the move against reciprocity in VA is part of a coordinated effort by the Center for American Progress.

Is it a day ending in Y

This again. Completely lifting content is weaksauce.

Making the switch . . . back

Tam is suiting up with a G19 now, instead of the M&P. T Bolt says it could be a new trend, particularly if I do it. Well, I carried Glocks for years. I doubt I’ll switch to anything anytime soon, for a few reasons:

Switching guns is expensive. Sure, you can recoup the cost by selling your current gear but getting new magazines, holsters, lasers, and other whiz bang tactical gear costs real money.

I really like the M&Ps.

I have five of them.

And I have decent golf clubs. Not super nice ones but good enough that, on the odd occasion, I play, they’re not embarrassing. But I’m not good enough at golf that a new set would improve my ability to play. Same with the M&P. If I thought I could out shoot it, I may be tempted. But I’m not that good at shooting for it to make much of a difference.

S&W clarifies cease and desist letter

Seems they misunderstood Brownells Dream Gun project.

Possibly the most ridiculous gun control proposal I’ve seen

A push to limit ammo purchases to twice the gun’s capacity. Every 90 days. So, someone would have to make 14 round boxes for 1911s? And it’s make for some short range trips.

No one cares if you “feel unsafe”

Local busybody doesn’t want people to engage in lawful activities on their own property:

One Knox County woman is asking commissioners to limit the shooting of firearms in residential areas.

Lisa Blair-Rogers lives in Knox County, just north of Fountain City. Her neighborhood is not in a particularly remote area, and houses are spaced about as far apart as they might be in some neighborhoods located within city limits

Well, sparky, unless they’re pointing it at you, you’re probably safe.

Well, good for you

Anti-gun guy changes mind about guns and decides to get a handgun. But he doesn’t logic so well:

I recognize that my decision doesn’t make the best logical sense. My head knows that. On the other hand, we humans are emotional creatures, and this decision helps me feel better. Perhaps there’s just some comfort in feeling like I’m taking action, even if all the statistics tell me I might actually just be making the problem worse

Everything you just said is wrong, except for maybe the feeling better part.

Gun Porn

Galco Ankle Glove

December 22, 2015

Speaking of gun companies I like acting questionably . . .

Colt is ready to exit bankruptcy. They are going to do this by reneging on retirement benefits and letting tax payers foot the bill. And why is the UAW involved at Colt?


Earlier today, that was the general tone on the gunny internet. Supposedly, they were sending a cease and desist to Apex on selling their fine aftermarket M&P parts. Once the full letter was revealed, it seems S&W took issue with Apex selling one of their modified guns and calling it a S&W: The Brownells Dream Gun.

Granted, it still seems like a poorly thought out move. As a S&W fan, it seems petty to me.

Sign of the times

The market reacts: Guns topping Christmas lists thanks to terrorism concerns, fear over restrictions

Stag arms pleads guilty

The news account obfuscates semi-automatics and machine guns but it looks as though, at least the owner, may have had an untaxed, post 86 automatic.