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Mass murderers v. armed citizens

Do civilians with guns ever stop mass shootings? Yes.

I’ve been compiling a list as well.

4 Responses to “Mass murderers v. armed citizens”

  1. Ron W Says:

    When mass shootings are stopped or even lessened to something less than a mass murder, it is not considered newsworthy nor politically expedient for the citizen disarmament agenda. Therefore it’s not generally known that armed citizens have and do stop them. However, it does seem that more and more people are catching on that they would prefer to be armed than to be LOCKED DOWN in GUN FREE KILL ZONES for mass murdering perps, imposed by very ruling elite who have armed protection, yet who work to disarm us and keep us that way.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Funny thing is, if one is willing to take a few minutes, one can go to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Section and get all the REAL FACTUAL STATS ABOUT SHOOTINGS THAT ONE CAN EVER HOPE FOR! And guess what? According to the FBI, A PART OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, over 250 JUSTIFIED KILLINGS BY CIVILIANS OCCUR EVERY SINGLE YEAR SINCE 2011.

    So yes. Armed Civilians DO Stop Felons.

    However, “Mass Shootings” which mean Four or More Dead, not counting the Scumbag who started it, only make up .2% of the TOTAL Homicides in the U.S.

    Which means an Armed Civilian is much more likely to Kill a Goblin in a “One on One” Scenario rather than taking on a Scumbag at the School.

    But if the so-called “Gun-Free Zones” allowed Armed Civilians to carry, then I can see the number of Mass Shooting Victims greatly reduced.


    Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  3. Ron W Says:

    Bubblehead Les, mass murderrs in gun free zones are the only thing left for the citizen disarmament tyrants to demagogue the “useful idiots” for their agenda. Therefore they will keep imposing them, especially on our children and young people. It’s a despicable evil.

  4. mikee Says:

    Evidence is not used to decide beliefs. Those who believe in gun control aren’t doing it based on facts, but emotions. And if it makes them feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel better to support gun control, all the facts in the world won’t change their mind.

    Some fun bloggers (cough-JoeHuffman-cough) even noted this inability to determine fact from fiction, truth from falsehood, among gun controllers as one of their primary problems.