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September 30, 2015

Shot Glasses

These are pretty darn cool:


In Knoxville

The TFA is suing the city over its arbitrary ban on guns in Chilhowee Park, which the city claims is not a park despite being named something ending with Park.

Why we win

A group of moms learns to shoot:

It was real empowering, it was cool, Fleishman said.

You’re on your own

Carry your guns, people. Good advice there. And the linked article is pretty enlightening. And, once a gun, good guys with guns attempted to do something.

Carry over comment from the book of face

They call it raw story and not well done story for a reason.

News you can use

An Engineered Solution To The Problem Of Gun Safe Weight On Floor Joists

And, if you’re not an engineer like him, hire one. You won’t be sorry.

Learn about suppressors

Over at Shooting Illustrated.

We’re winning

And the path forward.

Watch out, Ralphie

That Red Ryder is now a firearm. At least in Minnesota.

Gun Porn

Honor Guard

The most tactical pistol of all time.

Because race Glock

September 29, 2015

Stare Decisis: what you do instead of something

I’ve said before that stare decisis is Latin for we’ve stopped thinking or we’ve fucked it up for this long, let’s keep doing that or oops. Honestly, it’s a bullshit concept and has no place among rational people, which is why lawyers and judges use it, I suppose. But this is a good quote: Stare decisis is like gun control. It only affects those who respect the law.

Rand Paul to Trump: I’m not going any where

For whatever reason, We Shall Overcomb has set his sights on Paul many times. I think it’s because in the first debate, Paul was the first one to go at him. Trump predicted Paul will quit but Paul says nope. Good. I don’t think Paul will win* but I’m glad to see someone in the GOP going with the libertarian angle. And I think he needs to be in the race for the debates to get that message out. And that’s why I send him money.

* Though, I think it’s still possible. The large GOP field will be a war of attrition. As people drop, their supporters will go somewhere. Maybe Paul can snatch them up. Well, here’s hoping.

Well, I wish this came out before I bought that M&P Shield

Ruger LCR in 327 Mag.

I’ve yet to own a gun in that caliber (primarily because taking on a new caliber is expensive) but I’m oddly fascinated by it. And it holds six.

Clear Glock magazines

These look pretty cool.

In Utah

Employees Cannot Be Fired for Self-defense

Nice work

Using Media To Advance Gun Rights

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

And bigoted.

They really do want you dead. They’re just too cowardly to do it themselves.

Gun Porn

Sniper M2

Unknown sub gun

September 28, 2015

So, they have a cartoon

ISIS mocks Coexist stickers with their own sticker.

Well, here’s mine:



A Gallup poll says almost half of us view the federal government as an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens

Well, what exactly else would be such a threat? Anyone? Bueller. Johnny Jihad is a threat. So is a mass shooter. Or a mugger. But not a single one of them is a threat to my rights and freedoms. Only the government is.


WHAT CIVILIZATIONAL DECLINE LOOKS LIKE: High school teen who defended a blind classmate who was being beaten by a bully is SUSPENDED and kicked off football team.


Stop touching it.

What he said

If the powers that be don’t play by the rules, you shouldn’t either.

Home made reactive targets

Pretty cool.

Much more impressive than the old fill a balloon with coffee creamer thing.

Is Boehner gonna go limp or stand up?

Only the stupid party would view their success as a disaster that needs addressing. Or they’re very unserious people.


But they have all that gun control.

There ought to be a law, said no libertarian ever

The Libertarian Party’s Arguments for Suing to Get Into Presidential Debates.

This would be better addressed by going after, through the market, the people that air the debates. Parents know that if you ask a kid what he wants for dinner, he’ll say he wants ice cream or candy. If you ask the kid if he wants chicken nuggets or mac and cheese, he’s given the illusion of choice. That’s why there are two parties.

I hate when that happens

You come home from a bender and realize you’ve been shot. Twice.

DIY Target Stand

From pallets:

I need ideas for steel plates. Go.

Gun Porn

Cute. The kid ain’t too bad either.

SKS v. AR-15

Walther GSP Expert