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August 31, 2015

Cleaning up the bureau

It’s often joked that alcohol, tobacco and firearms should be a convenience store and not a government agency. I call my basement the bureau because it’s where I keep my beer fridge, humidor, ammo locker and gun safe. Anyhoo, spent the last couple of days getting organized:


After my safe bleg, I settled on a Browning. I like it. Two things, first being I should have spent the extra $500 for the next size up. Everything fits but it’s snug. Second, they make rifle racks or the door with a cut out for scopes. These are not set up for 16 inch ARs. I had to move the rack because I mostly have AR-15s.

Picked the safe up at The Knoxville Safe House. Good people and do recommend. They answered my questions on fire ratings and explained the pros and cons of interior and exterior hinges.

Speaking of mostly having ARs, if one is none and two is one then this is some number. Math is hard:


Top to bottom: Colt 6920 FDE, Colt 6920 Gray, Junior’s Gun, the 12 incher, and a 7 inch dedicated 22LR suppressed.



Shooters Quicker To Pull Trigger When Target Is Black, Study Finds

You racist gun nuts. What with your wanting to actually be able to see your target and stuff.

Whither the Brady Campaign

It’s almost painful to watch their decline. Almost.

Derp sells and may kill ya



I’ll have to buy a gun to protect myself from all these gun nuts

The father of the shooting victim has come out as a gun control advocate. And says:

The father of Alison Parker, the journalist shot dead on live television on Wednesday, has said that now he is campaigning for gun control he will probably have to get a firearm to defend himself.

And, he continues:

I want to go to the Virginia legislature and I want them to look me in the eye and tell me why we cant have a reasonable proposal, any reasonable background checks, the things common sense dictates, Parker said. I want them to look me in the eye and tell me why they wont support that.

Well, here’s why. Your plan won’t work. It won’t fix anything. And, as I’ve quoted before:

Well, there ya go. Victims are always right, after all. Suffering a tragedy bestows infallibility upon the victim a kind of karmic reward for having lost something.

Which is why it makes so much sense to base law and policy on the hysterical ravings of angry, freaked-out victims. They and they alone possess the clarity of thought and the kind of wise, sober, carefully crafted ideas that make for good policy.

Hillary hitches on to the gun control wagon

Hillary Clinton is the new standard-bearer for gun control. So lets look at her record.

Hillary Clinton Really Is Coming For Your Guns

Something must be done. This is something. So it must be done. Even if it won’t work

White House admits its proposals wouldn’t have stopped the shooter.

Often seems like it


GBR recap

From Kevin. Looks like fun. Sad I didn’t make it.

Double plus good

Some kooks, who draw a salary on the taxpayer teat at my alma mater, want people at the school to use non-gender specific pronouns. Yes, people at an institution of learning want people to disregard the English language. Donna can go fuck herself.

Gun Porn

Breda machine guns

Colt 1877 “Lightning” .38 Long Colt double-action revolver

Mystery subgun

August 27, 2015

So, I was off by 492?

A bit back, I wrote of the Ashley Madison hack: The site boasted 40M users. Which is probably 39,999,000 men and 1,000 women. I kid.

Well, turns out, I may have been right:

Only 1,492 of the women in the database had ever checked their messages on the site. Thats compared with more than 20 million men.

Looks like the site mostly was in the business of ripping off men.

Someone, somewhere is having fun and we can’t have that

Busybodies want to ban kids from shooting machine guns.


Robb: This is a story where an armed teacher would have made things much, much worse

While I buy his larger point, I don’t know that that is necessarily true. If she had been armed, it may have come to it. But people with guns can still talk to people without pulling their weapons.

We must ban tanks

Man dies after being run over by one. In SF.

Wal-Mart to stop selling AR-15s

Citing slow demand.

Gun Porn

Gyrojet Carbine

More BG380

August 26, 2015

Been thinking about taking it up again

7 Ways To Make Pocket Pistols Work For You

Leaning toward a revolver. What say you?


Like Global Warming keeps changing its moniker, so does gun control.

You just need good guys

Even in a gun free zone

Close shave

Yikes. Glad you’re OK.

Will an iPhone save you from a shotgun blast?

Well, will it?

Weekly gun news

Right here

Another shooting made the news, everybody panic

This one, turns out, was dramatized by the fact that the shooter did it on a live newscast and also filmed himself doing the shooting. As yet, no one knows much detail on his gun, other than his claim to have bought it after the Charleston shooting and he wanted to kill white people. Or former co-workers. Who knows? Or cares? Without those details, still calls for gun control and lies from the Obama administration.

It’s major news because it was caught on tape and the media likes to talk about the media.

Now, I watched the video that the psycho took of the shooting (you can see it here but it’s not real pleasant). A few notes:

The nutjob waited for a good 30 or so seconds for the cameraman to stop panning the scenery and get the reporter in frame before shooting.

Two women and one man did not notice a guy standing around them for 30 or so seconds waving a gun and a smart phone. Now, I realize they were working and no doubt focused on their job. But I’d have thought someone would have noticed.

August 25, 2015

That looks fun

A roman candle dual machine gun:

President Bloomberg?

Uhm, no.

In Cali

A woman had her guns taken from her because her husband had a psychiatric issue. She’s suing:

The city took her 12 guns away in 2013. KNTV reports that she went to federal court recently to get them back. She contends in her lawsuit, which also seeks damages and an injunction to prevent future seizures, that she has a right to have guns in her home, despite her husbands mental health issue.

Remote control gun

Sure to get the antis knickers in a bunch:

Gun Porn

My AR, my choice.

August 24, 2015

7th Circuit says illegal aliens have right to arms

Brian Doherty: The Court decides the “people” in the Second Amendment are the same “people” as in other amendments, like the Fourth.