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July 31, 2015

Gun control bill

Has no support

Because fuck you that’s why

Pretty much:

American gun owners are beginning to respond with a fresh, powerful argument when facing anti-gun liberals. Here it is, in its entirety. Ready?

Screw you. Thats it. Except the first word isnt Screw.

You know, I used to actually argue with them. Now, when they start, I just dismiss them in a number ways:

You’re losing and on the wrong side of history.

I don’t care what you think.

You don’t decide what others do.

Go away. the adults are talking.

On the off chance I find someone who appears to rational but misinformed, I’ll engage just a little to see if they really are or if they’re just nuts.


That’s racist

Heh. I always thought “white privilege” was a derogatory term for an informed person.

NSSF: Background checks need to be fixed

From the blog:

We are in the third year of our industrys national effort to ensure that the system has all the appropriate records put into it. We call the initiative FixNICS and we have been successful through our direct efforts to convince 16 state legislatures to pass legislation to ensure that there are no statutory, regulatory, administrative or procedural impediments to entering all appropriate records criminal and mental health into NICS.

Yes. The gun lobby did that. We prefer to be called the firearms industry, but yes, we did that. We dont expect the gun control groups to provide any credit to our industry. It runs counter to the narrative that they proffer, and that is too often accepted without challenge by reporters who should know that verifying information should be part of every story they file.

And yup.

RC Soles, the myth

This is making the rounds again. He was mostly pro-gun.

No jury will convict

Kentucky man shoots down a drone that was hovering over his 16 year old daughter as she sunbathed.

Confirmed: Navy officer engaged Jihadi in Chattanooga

Times Free Press:

When Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez attacked the U.S. Naval and Marine Reserve Center on July 16 with a handgun and an assault rifle, Navy Lt. Cmdr. Tim White opened fire.

White used his personal weapon to try to fend off Abdulazeez, he confirmed to the Times Free Press on Thursday. Abdulazeez killed four Marines and a Navy specialist in the brazen daytime attack.

White, who has served in the Navy for 13 years, moved to Chattanooga in April with his wife and six kids and a seventh on the way. As the commanding officer at the center, White is limited in what details he can release because of the ongoing investigation into the attack.

Make a sten

Video from the 40s on their production.

Obama move on gun control

Vets and purges

Gun Porn

Furrer M1919 Double-Barrel SMG

July 30, 2015

Poking the ATF

A non NFA stock for your handgun, the USA 1Shot:


Gun salesman of the year

Gun production doubled under Obama

The party of smaller government

Haslam launching state tour to talk gas tax increase

We’re winning

The WaPo (yeah, that one):

Gun control? Americans increasingly see more guns as the solution, not the problem.

Put on your big boy pants

Some pants-shitting hysterics by a man who saw an open carrier and nothing happened:

How am I, just an average person, supposed to know if the person with the firearm is a good guy or a bad guy?

Suppose that I am armed, too. Should I fire preemptively at the other person with the gun just in case that person is a bad guy, and take the chance of killing a good guy, or should I hold my fire and take the chance that the other person will not be a bad guy or be a good guy and think I am a bad guy and fire at me first?

Is there a secret handshake that good guys use to identify each other? If so, what if a bad guy uses that secret handshake to pretend he is a good guy and then performs his nefarious acts?

Look, Sparky, are they shooting at you? Or carrying at you? That’s usually how I can tell.

But you don’t need a gun in a church

Unless you do


Lies of omission are the worst.

With all that’s happening in the world, a dead lion is what we’re all focused on.

And what it tells us about America.


How many lumens is enough?


Good thing they banned regular capacity magazines or someone might have gotten shot.

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Boston Globe/Slate Freelancer: ‘It Would Be Funny If All Gun Rights People Got Shot Dead’

Irrelevant gun control group advocates SWATting people carrying guns.

Gun Porn

IWI factory tour.

AK Pistol

Here’s a flamethrower you can buy.

And I’m back

They say bad things come in threes. Not sure if the most recent thing was the third or second due to time. But this has been the weirdest fucking few months of my life.

July 27, 2015

Death in the family

My mother in law passed away last week. Doing the family thing, making arrangements, etc. Also, realizing that my nine year old’s wardrobe consists entirely of Under Armor and nothing appropriate for a funeral service.

Anyway, back later.

July 23, 2015

Not Helping

One of the guys standing outside a recruiting station standing guard negligently discharged his rifle:

A man standing guard outside of an armed forces recruiting center has accidentally fired his weapon.

Lancaster Police tell 10TV 28-year-old Christopher Reed fired an AR-15 rifle while attempting to clear the ammunition from the weapon at the Military Recruiting Center on River Valley Boulevard Thursday afternoon.

The bullet struck the ground and no one was injured.

Reed was cited for accidental discharge in city limits. His gun was confiscated until a court hearing next week.

In response, U.S. Properties Group – which owns the strip mall where the recruiting center is located – requested Lancaster Police “escort all armed civilians from our property.”


A gallery of gun failures.

About those citizens guarding recruiting stations

The Army says to treat them like security threats.

And one was told to leave or he would be arrested.

Uh huh

First, no evidence of a cover up with Lerner.

Now, there’s no proof that gun shops were targeted by Operation Choke-point.

Well, you’ve got to dance in the blood shortly after any tragedy

Shannon Watts lacks facts but says we need gun control anyway.

Rather frightening

Remotely hacking a car while it’s being driven

HBO wants athlete to remove ammo logo


Now, as he prepares for his biggest fight to-date, and first in Las Vegas, his sponsors have told NSSF that HBO is demanding Kovalev remove the logo of Tulammo USA, a Round Rock, Texas-based ammo manufacturing company, from his boxing trunks. Kovalev has not made a public response, but his relationship with the company is a close one. The fighter appeared at Tulammos SHOT Show booth this past January.