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January 30, 2015

SHOT Disappointments

I agree. And, now, the Glock fotay is not the Glock 40.

La Pistola


Lying to win

Remember that “investigation*” that didn’t really uncover any lawbreaking on gun purchases in VT? Well, they falsified claims and may get sued for it. Seems gun dealers don’t like to be accused of breaking the law.

* I used quotes because I thought investigations were things police did. Not what meddling social engineering billionaires did.

Well, wait for the next guy

This was bandied about for George Bush and not it seems even more fitting. But, I have a feeling, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Good, now sue them

FDIC Reverses Course on ‘Operation Choke Point’:

In a major development concerning NSSF’s leadership to halt discrimination in the provision of financial services and products to firearms related businesses due to “Operation Choke Point,” the top officials of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) on Wednesday admitted wrongdoing and said they would cease practices that had the effect of encouraging such disparate treatment


I do some of each a lot

Are you listening or waiting for your turn to talk?

Dogs as officers

The duck:

To me Deadly assault on a Police K9, is no different than a deadly assault on a human officer.

Like other animals are viewed as property, so should police dogs. I love my dogs. I’ve trained police dogs. But they’re dogs.

Gun Porn

Colombo Ricci Automatic Revolver: The Colombo-Ricci is distinct from other self-cocking revolvers because it actually ejected an empty case with each shot, and also had a selectable fire control system to allow either manual or automatic operation.

New from KRISS, a slight variation of that thing they do.

Guns make a girl smile

The radio news says Romney isn’t running for president


January 29, 2015

SIRT Initial Impressions

I snagged a SIRT when they were on sale for $199. Anyhoo, I’ve put about 200 “rounds” through it today and I like it so far. More later. But, as the kids pointed out, it’s the greatest cat toy ever.

I’m trying to figure out why they come with eye protection.

#operator: Stop touching it

Apparently, whipping out your hi-point, while breaking gun safety rules, for a photo is a thing.

Well, darn

I mentioned the $4,500 suppressor and the challenge. Well, Jesse James backed out.

Of course they do

Anti-gun group wants reporter who is actually educated about firearms fired. They can’t have the truth getting out.

Switch blades not protected by the second amendment

So says a NM court

We’ll be pro gun to get elected


Lt. Governor Dan Patrick who runs the Senate as part of his duties has announced that contrary to everything he said on the campaign trail, he just doesn’t think Open Carry is a good idea.

Gun Porn

Dragon Leatherworks Valkyrie

Steyr-Mannlicher M1905


January 28, 2015

Heard around the house

Me: If you don’t get your homework done, I’m going to crack you upside the head.


Me: No, that’s hyperbole, which you should be learning about right now.

Open Carry Texas has guns banned from more places than Bloomberg

Well, sure:

I personally would put you OCTC members above Moms Demand Action and Bloomberg as enemies of the 2nd Amendment. Why? Because MDA and Bloomberg are pathetically ineffective at getting guns banned. You open carry clowns are effective. You’re succeeding where the professional anti-gun agitators fail.

It is a bit ironic that the grassroots of people on my team are more effective at getting guns banned than Moms Demand Attention.


69 applications. 8 carry permits issued. 11 denied. 3 canceled.

I’m guessing 11 people would have grounds to sue.

Robbing a store with an Airsoft?

Looks like it. For a second, I thought it resembled this.

In other news, a national database tracking the movements of vehicles?


A federal agent proposed using license-plate readers to scan vehicles around gun shows in order to aid gun-trafficking investigations, according to an internal Justice Department email.

Justice Department officials said Tuesday that the 2009 proposal was rejected by superiors and never implemented. The email was part of a series of Drug Enforcement Administration documents describing how the agency is building a national database tracking the movements of vehicles in the U.S. The documents were obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union through a Freedom of Information Act request and reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Well, the mob and the unions (but I repeat myself) wouldn’t get their cut

In NJ, shoveling snow without a license, get stopped by the cops.

Ben Carson walks back guns in urban areas comment

And doesn’t seem to know guns that well:

Carson said that “under no circumstances” would he “allow a bureaucrat to remove any law-abiding citizen’s rights for any kind of weapon that they want to protect themselves.”

If he were in a position of national leadership, Carson said he would seek to allow people to possess any kind of weapon they can legally buy, including “automatic weapons and semi-automatic weapons.”

And good for him for pointing out the obvious:

Asked by one call participant whether he would support convicted felons being allowed to possess guns after serving their time, Carson said it would “depend on what kind of criminal activity they were convicted for.” He added, “Is this somebody who is still considered a danger to society? If that’s the case, they probably still should be in prison.”

Carson said a “mental patient” or someone with “history of violence” shouldn’t be able to own “anything” to “wreak havoc on society.” That, he said, could be part of a “reasonable” gun-control law. The government also shouldn’t “retrospectively” go back to make once-legal guns illegal, he said.

OC in Texas

The activism got panic buttons put in and now the votes for OC aren’t there. Groan.

Gun Porn


S&W 625

Wyatt Earp’s revolver

January 27, 2015


Firing tracer rounds backwards

In common use


Via David

Public servants keep losing “assault rifles”

A firefighter lost one. And a police man did too.

There was a debate

Musings on the University of Tennessee gun debate. I was unable to attend, life intervened. I did manage to grab lunch with Glen the day after. NRA has some new stuff coming.

Psychology today

Looks like the DSM whatever number they’re up to wants to classify internet usage habits as disorders. And, through some twist of logic, this may ban you from gun ownership.