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So, what’s up with Nebraska?

States and the number of background checks in them.

11 Responses to “So, what’s up with Nebraska?”

  1. Michael Says:

    I had seen that article earlier and had the same question. No NICS for CCW holders? Some poor reporting from a in state database? I dunno, but it seems funny.

  2. Nomad Says:

    Nebraska has a Handgun Purchase Certificate that you must possess to buy a handgun in the state. They’re good for three years and they have a NICS number on them, plus our CCW permits count as a check as well. The county sheriff issues the Handgun Purchase Certificate. If you have one you walk in put it and your drivers license on the counter fill out the 4473 and you’re done.


  3. Michael Says:

    Hmm, seems like Nebraska has some kind of “permit to purchase” for handguns. In order to sell, it requires this permit plus a call to state police. Do they thus avoid NICS for all checks after the initial permit?

  4. AndyV Says:

    Adding to what Nomad says: The NE handgun purchase certificate or concealed handgun permit can also be used when purchasing a long gun (tho not required) thus avoiding a point of sale background check. That means – one background check every 3 years for the handgun purchase cert or every 5 years for the CCW permit. Point of sale NICS background checks are a pretty small number.

  5. CA Says:

    Nebraska is a partial POC state not all background checks go through NICS. Google POC NICS for the FBIs list of Point of Contact states.

  6. Calhoun Says:

    Michael, there is no state requirement to notify the state police or anybody else when you do a private sale of a handgun – but the buyer must possess a firearm permit by state law (excluding some family transfers). Lincoln and Omaha have additional regulations and attempts at handgun registration databases, but these don’t apply to anybody outside of those cities.

    As stated, the permit also allows the holder to bypass a NICS check when purchasing any firearm, so this means that FBI counts of firearm sales in Nebraska are FAR under reported.

    The permit would allow the state to create a database of probable gun owners, but there are no records of who owns what guns outside of FFL logs and the Lincoln/Omaha databases.

    In effect, Nebraska has had universal background checks for 23 years or so on all handgun sales – and it didn’t make even a small dip in the gun crime rate as far as anybody can tell.

  7. Paul Kisling Says:

    Nothing odd about the Permit to Purchase thing. North Carolina who is leading the pack has the same thing.

  8. Lyle Says:

    My understanding is that if you show an in-state carry permit in any state, there is no NICS check (the permit requirement being far more stringent). That makes the BC data unreliable as a gauge of gun sales, and more so the more carry permits there are. It of course also doesn’t count any private sales or home-builts, to say nothing of illegally obtained arms.

  9. Clay Says:

    Everyone in Nebraska already has more than one gun.

  10. Kirk Parker Says:


    You are wrong. WA’s permit, for example, does not obviate the need to obtain the NICS check.

  11. Tam Says:


    My understanding is that if you show an in-state carry permit in any state, there is no NICS check (the permit requirement being far more stringent).

    Nope, only some states. Georgia’s “GFL” eliminated the need for a check (at least it did back when I lived there) but Tennessee’s HCP and Indiana’s LTCH do not.