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On the beheading

Who was the intended audience?

Also, I’ve listened to the speeches by the victim and his abductor and, honestly, wonder why Foley gave that speech? It doesn’t make sense to me that a man who seemingly knew what was about to happen would comply like that. All I can figure is 2 years of torment and you want to get it over with.

7 Responses to “On the beheading”

  1. HL Says:

    I suspect he was told they would let him live if he made those statements, and though he doubted it, he figured he had no choice but to believe them.

    He had survived a 44 day captivity by jihadists once before, so it’s hard to blame him.

  2. The Old Coach Says:

    Drugs. They dope their homicide bombers up with them, too.

  3. Patrick Says:

    They toss you a line – you might live if you play nice – and you reach for it. Or, they told him they’d go easy on the other journalist they are holding, if he gives a good show.

    Who knows what happens in his head, but I cannot criticize any of it. He was murdered in cold blood by people who follow a religious ideal of genocide.

    I tend to focus on them, instead. There are people in this world who need to die.

  4. MAJMike Says:

    Yet another example of the philosophy of the “Religion of Peace.” We need to remind these sh*t bags that jihad works both ways. We are in an existential war are too few recognize it.

  5. MAJMike Says:

    Substitute “and” for “are”. Need more coffee.

  6. Lyle Says:

    I wondered the same thing. He may have had something of a case of Stockholm Syndrome, and actually believed what he was saying. We were speculating on this yesterday, that the press would generally take the same position taken in the speech. It is essentially what the J Kerrys and J Fondas (i.e. communists) have been saying for decades, and so it’s no strech to believe that a journalist would think along the same lines. It also gives then an out, a way of maintaining their near adoration of jihad, by continuing to blame America first.

  7. Disavowed With Honor Says:

    There’s also the whole, dope them up before they kill them thing. It’s fairly routine to pump them full of opiates so they will be nice and docile. This way they can (and have) say, the victim was willing to die as their final proof to Allah that they have seen the light. It also looks better when a victim does not struggle. It implies superiority on the part of the terrorist. I’m sorry… I meant Muslim Terrorist.