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Yes, next question

Should college let student carry a gun? The woman has a stalker.

3 Responses to “Yes, next question”

  1. bob r Says:

    That is a “non-question”. It smuggles in a premise that should be objected to immediately; to whit: that it is the place of the college to “let” somebody carry a gun. It is not up to the college to decide such things.

  2. Jay Dee Says:

    The argument might be better phrased this way.

    The University can provide personal 24 hour security against a stalker who is at large and recently discovered with a “rape kit”. The University will be financially liable for any failures or lapses of this security.

    Alternatively, the University can refund & reimburse all money that the student spent or invested in this school plus provide a stipend while the student searches for a school that respects her rights as an adult.

    Or the University will encourage the student to carry concealed weapons throughout the University property against a known and identified threat.

    Any attempts to expel the student to avoid liability by the University will be met with a lawsuit.

  3. Ellen Says:

    Remember the basic premise of government: the innocent are expendable. It is the threat whose rights must be protected. If you even hint the police are not enough, you become the enemy for dissing their competence.

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