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Never been done before

Sons of Guns star arrested for child molestation.

11 Responses to “Never been done before”

  1. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Prison is a game changer!

  2. Linoge Says:

    I would point out that allegations and charges are not fact, and this would not be the first time that a scorned woman did something against the person who pissed her off…

    However, if this pans out… well then.

  3. Scott Says:

    My first instinct upon reading the headline was “there’s a pissed off woman somewhere in this story”. Linoge’s comment validated that, and then I went and read the story.


    The daughter who’s alleged to be the victim here lives with dad, and was not removed from the home following the allegations. As a man who prevailed in a custody case, this tells me all I need to know about the mother and her motivations.

  4. Kristophr Says:

    Women rarely get punished for false accusations in family court, so abuse charges are commonly levelled.

    Which helps re-victimize actual victims.

  5. CrunkOmatic Says:

    A friend of mine’s ex tried this recently, but it fell apart when the kid refused to lie.

  6. Jake Says:

    Hayden also says the daughter — who he is raising with his new wife — was interviewed by Child Protective Services and returned to his home.

    Yeah, it sounds like Linoge is right. I doubt they would let the child go back to living with him if there was anything to substantiate the accusation. It’s most likely just an evil woman using her child as a weapon.

    If that’s the case, then SHE should end up in jail over this.

  7. Wes S. Says:

    The sad thing is that even if the charges are found to be bogus, the arrest will still hang over the guy’s head for the rest of his life. And the guy’s TV show is likely dead, even if he’s innocent.

  8. Sid Says:

    Slow news day or what?

    I started watching the show but quickly tired of it. There was an early episode when one of the crew was painting an AR with a spray can. Just not professional.

    But my feelings toward him on the show are not the same as my feelings toward him as an apparently falsely accused man. The MSM really turned on him with the shaping of this story. You can compare it to any other celebrity story. The headline does not indicate the true story. It supposes guilt. There is no innocent until proven guilty if you are a gunsmith.

  9. Geodkyt Says:

    IIRC, it wasn’t the accuser’s daughter. She is just a pissed off ex-, with no legal or biological realtionship to the girl.

    Doesn’t mean she is lying, but all the indicators do point that way.

  10. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Well, you don’t have to be a gunsmith, but it helps. Media sharks smell blood, they’re on it. Anytime they think they can tear someone down, they will. They’re professionals at skirting libel and slander. He was arrested, another name for “taken into custody pending investigation”, so they’ll lead with that. The fact the girl was returned to his home after questioning by CPS is just one of those niggling little details they neglect to include.

  11. Jake Says:

    Geodkyt: According to the story, it sounds like the accuser is the mother.

    Hayden tells TMZ his ex-girlfriend, and mother to one of his daughters, went to cops more than a week ago and accused him of molesting their child.

    But it is the MSM, so take it for what it’s worth.