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President lawbreaker

The WaPo: Hundreds of rules passed by Obama administration are technically illegal


5 Responses to “President lawbreaker”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:


    They’re only “blatantly” illegal when the other party does it.

  2. Robert Says:

    It’s like being “Technically” pregnant.

  3. IllTemperedCur Says:

    Let me guess. Shorter WaPo: “What Obama is doing is technically illegal, but we’re giving him a pass because, Democrat”

  4. Lyle Says:

    “Yes yes, Officer; I know that driving 60 MPH in a 25 while drunk and in the on-coming lane with my lights off at night and firing my pistol in the air is technically illegal, but be reasonable– Good people must not be distracted by, nor quibble over, mere technicalities…”

  5. Patrick Says:

    The technicality is that in their eyes, the orders should be legal, if only those damn sister-humping flyover-country rednecks in the House would sing along along with Dear Leader’s Divine Providence.