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August 28, 2014

Once more with feeling: Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Gun control supporters want you dead

SIG SAUER P320 Television Commercial

Impressive but I’ll be more impressed when it’s actually on TeeVee:

So, what’s up with Nebraska?

States and the number of background checks in them.

Interesting take

The 10 most practically significant — yet potentially legally vulnerable — restrictions on availability of guns for self-defense

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Mayor Against Guns gets in a bar fight.

Gun Porn

Thunder 9

An assortment

August 27, 2014

It was bound to happen

Cameraman for the show Cops was shot and killed during a robbery. The robber had an airsoft gun and the cops fired at least 30 rounds.


NY Governor says Remington leaving was not political.

AL County Commissioner says haha, yeah right.

It’s as though the gun ban scare has been lifted

S&W AR-15 sales down 60%

Discount guns for police and military

Extends to TSA.


With no hands:

Gun Porn


Spanish Colonial Rifles

August 26, 2014

I’m as gun nut as you get and if you don’t believe me I’ll shoot you

But let’s stop handing small kids full auto guns:

A 9-year-old girl accidentally killed an Arizona shooting instructor as he was showing her how to use an automatic Uzi, authorities said Tuesday.


Vacca was standing next to the girl at the Last Stop outdoor shooting range in White Hills when she pulled the trigger and the recoil sent the gun over her head, investigators said.

I’ve taught many a kid to shoot. No way I’d hand them a gun with a happy switch. If they got to that point, you crouch behind them and make certain you have control of the gun too.

Or you could teach them to keep their booger hooks off the bang switches

NYPD brass tells cops to stop carrying Kahrs off duty because their officers suck at gun safety and handling err because it has a light trigger pull.


A database to “detect political smears, astroturfing, misinformation, and other social pollution.”

America, fuck no.


So, here’s some operating operators operating operationally all decked out in ninja gear pointing their wiz-bang tactical ARs at a guy. Carrying an umbrella.

Second amendment grounds

Ban on guns in parking lots where alcohol is sold struck down.

It’s funny when bigots call you a bigot


The descriptive language doesn’t leave much doubt about whom they’re so afraid of, does it? Let’s just say that very few of those killers are likely to be big Toby Keith fans.

In Cali

Phones must have kill switches.

Hey, let’s take a website idea and make one for guns is like kickstarter for guns. Odd that so many successful websites seem gun unfriendly. One would think they’d figure it out by now.

Gun Porn

Yep, the old guns still shoot

U22 Neos

Transferable FG-42 at RIA

August 25, 2014

Quote of the Day

Mad Saint Jack on the book face:

Maybe we should militarize our military bases


All done

Spent part of the weekend loading with a helper:


Got that work done, I mentioned. And more.

But gun control works

In China, homemade semi-automatics where guns are banned.

Not applicable to AKs

How to use an AR-15 forward grip

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Moms Demand Action supporters advocate SWATting and also destruction of property.

A right delayed is a right denied

In Cali, some arbitrary number of days waiting period was struck down. If it can be 10, why not 1,000?


Chicago crime rate drops as concealed carry applications surge : City sees fewer homicides, robberies, burglaries, car thefts as Illinois residents take arms

Steel target testing

From Joe. BTW, thanks for all the suggestions and tips on my steel target bleg. Probably pick some up soon. When it’s not 11,000 degrees outside.

Gun Porn

Thumb-Safety Glock. Yeah, they made at least one.


And here’s a GSG Mp40 with a fun switch: