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July 31, 2014

Much more effective

Remember the dumbest anti-gun ad ever? Well, a retort that is actually common sense:

Update: Well, Moms Demand Hot Action had it pulled. Made too much sense. If you’ve got a link, post it in comments.

@Rude943: So, there’s an election going on?

Just random thoughts on our local political races. And the talk radio. I listen to KnoxTalkRadio’s morning show The Rude Awakening, though I wish they’d ditch Glenn Beck and extend the show for another hour or so. Beck is tiring. And given that most of the ads prior to the election season were brought to us by the Ad Council, I’m guessing Beck is not a hit. But this ain’t a post about that, it’s a post about this. I listen from about 7:30 on.

The Americans for Progress of Tennessee is running an boatload of ads for three candidates, Hall, Campfield and Reagan. All three ads say the same thing, which is, roughly:

*candidate* voted to repeal Obamacare. *candidate* voted to repeal Common Core. *candidate* voted to repeal the Hall income tax.

They are literally the same ad for each candidate, and just inserting a different name. While I support all of those ideas, none of them actually happened. None. I’m glad they voted that way but these things are still here.

Up next on the local politics is Dennis Roach. Full disclosure, I know Dennis Roach. He was my high school drivers education teacher. I realized, at the age of 17, he was a fucking moron. And probably still is. Anyway, he has an ad that says, and I shit you not, his opponent supports school vouchers; some vouchers go to Muslim schools. So, his opponent supports Muslim schools. Idiot.

Also, surprisingly, Joe Carr, who I have never heard a single ad for anywhere and who was endorsed by Palin, is polling within 7 points of Lamar! If you want to vote the bums out, start with your own bum.

And, lastly, Jimmy Duncan is a coward. He’s refused to debate his opponents. He was scheduled this morning to be on the local radio show but backed out, claiming something to the effect of “your show has all but endorsed my opponent and my pussy hurts”. Thing is, his opponent, Jason Zachary, has done something Duncan hasn’t. Showed up on radio shows. The hosts then ask him questions, he answers, they thank him for his time and tell listeners where his website is. Not exactly an endorsement. If you want to vote the bums out, start with your own bum.

Your irregularly scheduled gun blogging resumes tomorrow.

Update: Wamp there it ain’t. Poor Zach Wamp wants his daddy’s old seat so bad, he had someone write a shitty song about him.


Workplace shooting in Chicago, where they have all the gun control.

Keep your booger hook off the bang switch

And, also, wear clothes and don’t do acid.

The IRS and guns


According to a government audit, IRS Agents ‘Accidentally’ Discharged Guns 11 Times between 2009 and 2011. Some of those weapons discharges resulted in property damage or personal injury, claimed the report. In fact, agents accidentally fired their guns more times than they did intentionally, said the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Gun Porn

Tap Rack Bang app. Ok then.

July 30, 2014

Why I’ll never buy a Glock again

But of course

When you’ve lost “The View”

Even busybodies have some sense. Also, what sane person watches that and thinks the man with substantial weight and reach over her would have been deterred if he had no gun.

Some people shouldn’t own dogs

Or guns. Or cars. Or pointy sticks. But, hey, freedom is dangerous.


I am currently counter-suing some idiot neighbor who let her dog run loose. And it ran into my one dog who likes dogs. And my other who doesn’t like dogs. And, well, the latter was faster.

Chihuahuas always seem to be owned by idiots.

ETA: There was a story from a long time ago about the lesbian who was mauled by Presa Canarios. And then that dog became increasingly popular because people who don’t know what dogs do bought them.

And, holy shit, that story will be a dozen years old soon.

Have you ever been to a gun show?

Or a gun store. Tam on the supposed false flag stuff. Just today, I was at a local gun shop. When I was asking about NFA transfers, a customer dealing with another clerk asks about something in the case. The clerk says it’s a “S&W some number I don’t recall” in .357. The customer then, and I shit you the fuck not, pulled out an identical gun from his trouser pocket and says “so, it’s just like mine?”

True story.

Y’all are racist

So, Oak Ridge National Labs, where they make and store and transport and handle all the nukes, decided to offer a class on getting rid of those embarrassing southern accents. Then changed their mind:

After a backlash from employees, Oak Ridge National Laboratory decided to drop a class that teaches how to minimize a southern accent.

ORNL spokesperson David Keim said employees had requested the class, and the laboratory’s human resources department decided to open it up to all of its 4,000 employees.

“The human resources department offers classes regularly for accent reduction,” Keim said. “Now, typically that’s for folks who are from other countries, because we have researches and staff from almost 100 foreign countries at the lab.”

So, what if it was a class to offer “accent reduction” for urban black youths? Or Latinos? Or people from Long Island and Boston? Racist! Or something.

On the flip side, one of my undergraduate professors once mentioned in class that he and his friend went to the same program at an Ivy League school. They were both from Mississippi. The school offered “accent reduction” and he did not go and his friend did. He said that he wasn’t convinced at the time but that he was now teaching at the University of Tennessee and his friend taught at Yale.


If you’re going to do an active shooter exercise

You should probably let your employees know:

A woman from Carbondale claims she suffered emotional and mental distress during an active shooter training exercise she claims she didn’t know she was a part of.

Michelle Meeker is suing the Carbondale police chief and an officer. Her employer, the Heritage Park Care Center, where the exercise occurred October 13, 2013, is also listed in the complaint.

In a complaint received by 9NEWS Tuesday, Meeker claims she was taken hostage by a man with a gun while at work at the assisted living center in Carbondale. Meeker says the gunman held her against her will while she begged for her life.

So, let’s say I was your employee (haha, I know right?) and I shot the hostage taker?


In CO:

Lawmakers drafting the background check requirement, aimed at keeping firearms away from those with a criminal history, relied on information from a non-partisan research arm of the Legislature that predicted about 420,000 new reviews over the first two years. Accordingly, they budgeted about $3 million to the agency that conducts the checks to handle the anticipated surge of work.

But after a year of operating under the new system, Colorado Bureau of Investigations officials have performed only about 13,600 reviews considered a result of the new law — about 7 percent of the estimated first year total.

But 40% come from gun shows! Or something.

Gun retailers, payday lenders out of Choke Point’s crosshairs

Probably because they both have good lobbyists.

The ATF can just make up the law and the courts agree

The multiple rifle reporting requirement has been upheld by an appeals court. There is no basis in the law for this. He has a pen and a phone.

Gun Porn

Piston FAR 15

Striker fired LC9

Mystery Rifle

July 29, 2014

Thanks for the help

On my dove gun bleg. I’ve hunted dove off and on my whole life. We have a really great spot to go. I just haven’t owned a shotty in so long, I wanted something different. Last times I went, I borrowed a gun. I figured if I had my own, I’d go more. Based on comments, definitely getting the 12. Now, I’m mulling over the Beretta and the Remington.


DC gets 90 days

No, not probation. But a stay while they come up with gun carrying laws.

Gun Reviews

ShootingIllustrated notes that the R51s they got were all top notch but there were issues with others that weren’t handpicked. They will no disclose if guns reviewed are off the shelf.

Dumbest anti-gun ad ever

Will you stop this? Yes, she could have. With a fucking gun:

So, is a no-barreled shotgun a short-barreled shotgun?

Shotgun Fired With No Barrel

Not helping

Open carrier with AR points gun at mom and daughter. Get off my team.

This has my interest

Amazon Fire TV vs Apple TV vs Netflix and Chromecast

Quote of the year

Seen at Joe’s:

We’ve reached a level of cultural domination where the most effective anti-gun groups have adopted a strategy of demanding concealed carry.


In case you need it

PoopSenders will send elephant poop to someone anonymously. The internet, is there anything it can’t do? No matter how stupid.

Gun Porn

Hagen Rifle

Custom Bolt Action. Da fuck?


July 28, 2014

Bleg: Dove Gun

I’ve committed to taking my nephews dove hunting this year. I need a gun for it. I want an auto-loader for less than $700. I may be talked upward if it’s worth it.

Also, 12GA or 20GA?

I do like some dove.

Gun dealer loses almost a half a million firearms

But the dealer in question is the government.

Or we just want to be left alone

Why Never Being Able to Reach Your Full Potential is the Real Cause of Grief Among Conservatives and Libertarians


There was a little pro gun ruling issued. So, how’s that going? Well, DC is asking for a stay while they decide whether or not to appeal.

Alan Gura has the memo the police chief issued regarding their rules for concealed carry.

Some tweets on carrying there.

But Dave Kopel advises caution.

As for me, I wouldn’t carry there until it irons out. Of course, I don’t go there because of their carry rules. That may change if the unfuck themselves.