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Tell me about it

Why I Donít Start Planting a Garden Until May. Planted mine this past weekend and tonight, it’s going to be a hard freeze.

3 Responses to “Tell me about it”

  1. nk Says:

    You too? 26 in Chicago last night. Where’s OUR Global Warming? WEATHER EQUALITY NOW!

  2. M.D. Creekmore Says:

    It always happens… our weather is just too unpredictable to plant before May…

  3. Firehand Says:

    In central OK we usually have one last freeze sometime in the first half of April; if you’re careful what you plant you can cover the sensitive stuff, which means you can start some stuff in late March.

    Of course, last year we had TWO last freezes in that period; that was fun. This year we got two records:
    Lowest temp for the date, and
    Latest date to get into the 20’s.