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Ankle bracelet tracking

So, two men raped and murdered 4 women all while wearing the tracking devices. Oh and it was 6 months later that they were arrested. So, why bother with the bracelets? It;s a preventative tool, right?

11 Responses to “Ankle bracelet tracking”

  1. Joel Stoner Says:

    My uncle got busted for a small amount of drugs, for personal use. He got an ankle bracelet, and if the phone went out, or the batteries died, the cops would come over within 30 minutes. Some of the new bracelets use cell towers to monitor movement, there is no excuse for police not to have caught these men long before 6 months after the crimes.

  2. Old NFO Says:

    Six months??? Obviously the ‘monitors’ don’t give a crap… sigh

  3. Paul Kisling Says:

    Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said that the six-month-long murder spree likely would have continued had they not been apprehended.

    Gee really… If this is any indication of law enforcement intelligence its a wonder they caught these guys at all.

  4. comatus Says:

    Magic words, “cell towers.” Oh sweet Jesus. West of the Mississippi, they’d be guilty as hell and free as a bird.

  5. nk Says:

    It’s just part of the prisoner industry. You can make money off prisoners without putting them in a privately-owned prison. Lots of ways. Location monitors, alcohol monitors, bail fees (10%), contract social work agencies acting like probation officers, halfway houses …. The halfway house across the street from me is owned by a rehabber. Old lady died and he bought the property and Home Depoted it. He couldn’t sell it in the housing bubble pop. He’s leasing it out to Cook County for its “diversion” program, at a better rate than he could ever hope to get from a regular renter. At any time, it’s got three or four inmates looked after by one or two “staff” who are under contract from Catholic Charities or Operation Push or some such taxpayer leech. Meh.

  6. JKB Says:

    Here’s what they need to do. First go get a 7th grader who likes to program computers. Then have them write a little program to run the location of crimes with the location of the ankle bracelets. When there is a match it spits sends the info to the “monitors” or probably more effectively to the detectives investigating the crimes.

    I look forward to the day when computer technology reaches the point where such database comparisons are possible.

  7. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Here in Mass the employees of a Chuck E Cheese were watching a customer who came in alone and just ordered food.

    They spotted an ankle bracelet on him and called the cops. Turns out he was a convicted pedophile, and was NOT allowed to hang out in places like that, but the cops didn’t know because nobody turned the damn bracelet on!

  8. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Note that to “c their a” they talk about how the bracelet information was key. Trial will reveal that it only provided corroborating information of their presence in the area of the crime scenes. All the actual proof tying them to the murders will be derived from physical and other evidence from the conveyor crime scene. Like Canada’s (and all) registration, the GPS info just confirmed what the cops already knew from real police work.

  9. John A Says:

    Until one recent case, the locations (and even times, within hours-long limits) of the murders were not known, or in some cases even knowledge that a murder had occurred at all. There was nothing to cross-reference with the monitor records.

  10. TigerStripe Says:

    Seems to me the problem is two people who belonged in prison were let out. Sex offender can mean so many things that it’s ridiculous. Kid who moons someone, statutory rape, Jerry Sandusky…

  11. Paul Says:

    whoa guys… I can see how this happened.

    They find the women dead. Then try to get the forensic evidence as well as who they knew, were they had been, and other leads.

    It takes time. Then, once they found these guys names cane up, it takes time to get the old monitor records up and cross check them.

    The only real question is, WHY WERE THEY OUT OF PRISON TO BEGIN WITH?