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April 30, 2014

LA County Deputy pleads guilty to building short barreled rifle

Probably could have just gotten a department letter:

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy has agreed to plead guilty to illegally building an assault rifle, marking the first plea agreement by one of 20 sheriff’s officials charged or indicted since December in an ongoing federal investigation of the Sheriff’s Department, authorities said Monday.

Richard White Piquette admitted in a document filed in federal court last week that he manufactured a Noveske Rifleworks N-4 .223-caliber rifle with an eight-inch barrel. Under federal law, the rifle’s barrel length should have been at least 16 inches, said Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles.

Also, this:

Piquette’s attorney, Ronald Hedding, described his client as “a good man” who has family members in law enforcement. Hedding said he believed it was common practice for sheriff’s deputies to have weapons like the ones his client possessed.

I guess he thought the law didn’t apply to him. Gee, wonder why he’d have thought that?

Gun Rights folks are successful because it’s a mask for racism

So says David Frum in one of the dumbest things I’ve read on the internet.

I’m OK, Mary Fallin not OK

A nearly unanimous bill passed both houses for shall certify NFA. The governor of OK vetoed the bill.

Redskins Rifle

So, a shop is selling a gun with the Redskins logo on it. Reporters shit pants. Redskins not amused. Due to licensing not any gun position.

I don’t give it a good chance of success

But there is a bill in MA to repeal the ban on politically incorrect self-loading rifles.

They took our jobs

Toyota leaving Cali for freer state. Good.

Bad Parts of Town

Chicago’s shootings tend to be located in the same few areas and blacks disproportionately affected. You don’t say?

Lying again

They only know the one song.

The Brady Campaign launched Asking Saves Kids, which wants parents to ask other parents if their are unsecured guns at home, since unsecured guns kill eleventy billion kids per year.

April 29, 2014

Quote of the day: Nostalgia edition


Once you get past the 1970s stopping power arguments and accept that we live in a magical age of pistol bullet equality, it’s no longer a question of capacity but rather a question of “what can you get the most hits with, the fastest.” The answer is almost universally a modern, polymer, service in 9mm.

Operation Choke Point

The Department of Justice is bullying banks to refuse to serve businesses that the DOJ doesn’t like. Such as porn stars and gun shops and more.

$15 Target Stands for IDPA, USPSA, and NRA targets

From an email, cool:

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Brady Campaign endorsed politician up on child porn charges. And boasted about raping children.

Cliff Schecter: Losing is hard, I’ll whine louder

Looks like he was able to look up out from underneath his covers after his mom gave him the all clear to, no doubt using a crayon, write this nonsense: Preparing for War in Indianapolis: Inside the NRA Plot to Terrify America

The only one scared seems to be him. I share Sebastian’s view that pants-shitting hysterics such as this actually help the pro gun side. But I’ll still belittle them.


Benghazi and blaming the video was a political ploy according to White House emails.

Well played, SlideFire, well played

Very well done.

They took our jobs to freer states

Another casualty of NY’s SAFE Act as ballistic shield maker heads to FL: A self-professed gun enthusiast, White is also a fan of Florida’s less stringent firearms laws.


Another shooting at another gun free zone.

Regulation Nation

U.S. Regulatory Costs Are World’s No. 10 Economy

Gun Porn

4 pound AR racegun. Because racegun!

Shorty Sig 553

April 28, 2014


Matthew on a recent attempted carjacking. A good read. Pay attention out there.

Kids and guns

Sometimes, they need a little assistance.

It’s facebook. Stop your whining.

Deal Alert

Boomershoot for half price


Mass has all those gun laws:

Almost half the illegal guns seized and traced in Boston last year came back to manufacturers and dealers in Massachusetts, a startlingly high ratio for a state known for its tough gun laws.

And a lot of those guns are illegal there.

NRA’s new ad

Not bad.

I always see this claim but rarely the actual threat

Anti-gun mouthpiece says they need guns because gun guys threaten them. If it’s true, then they have admitted defeat because, well, they get our point. But it’s probably not. I’ve often heard of these groups claiming threats, and I’m sure it does happen some times, but I never see the actual threats.

Supreme Court on Drake

Still nothing. Again.

Concealment furniture

SI has a look

Government at work

Pentagon to destroy $1B worth of ammunition because their inventory system sucks.

Brush your teeth with the reciprocating slide of a glock 18

Well, an airsoft G18:

Gun Porn

Crowd sourced FAL

Glock confirms factory threaded barrels