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March 31, 2014

At 12:01, I’m likely a lawbreaker

So, not signing up for Obamacare. I might be in trouble.

First permit holder arrested in Chicago

Seems the guy decided to settle a rent dispute with a firearm, which is illegal and stupid.

David Gregory unavailable for comment

A bit back, the news host held some illegal AR-15 magazines aloft as if they were magic items possessed by the devil. Holding the evil box and spring in DC is illegal. The police let him off the hook because he’s not the little people. However, someone who is not David Gregory was just convicted for having duds and replica ammo.

We’re no longer a nation of laws but of men. And some men are better than others.

US Navy Wanting Some Sig MPX-SDs

Looks like the Navy wants 70 of these:


It can be yours for $55K

Bring back AK-47 for sale.

Suing Cali over microstamping law

John: The National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute filed suit in Fresno Superior Court today. They are seeking a preliminary injunction against California’s microstamping law calling it unworkable.

Microstamping is a pipe dream that won’t work.

I’ll have to put that in my calendar

Change your gun accessories’ batteries when you change your smoke detector batteries

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Liberal radio host threatens to shoot NRA board members.

ATF: PlumCrazy Polymer Lowers are illegal

Seems the removable serial number plate makes them so. Glocks also have a serial number plate. Apparently, if removal would do damage to the gun, it’s OK.

Free speech

Man ordered to take down pictures and name of police officer he posted on the internet. Well, in that case, Jerry Bledsoe:

Shooting with silencers

It’s the polite thing to do

Gun Porn

Gettin’ Siggy with it

Lots of sixes

March 30, 2014

Down the memory hole but the internet is forever

Moms Demand Being Taken Seriously tried to scrub their webpage because they thought Leland Yee was good for gun control. But then google cache happened and screencaps:


Novelty Gun Type Things

A rubber band machine gun:

And a fully automatic airgun:

Why we win

No one smiles like that at anti-gun ranges!

EPA v. ammo makers

The feds raided USA Brass: Jeff Martinez, special agent in charge of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Criminal Investigation Division in Denver, confirmed that agents were searching the business after reports of violations of environmental laws.

Knoxville TFA meeting

On April 1, with speaker John Harris, Executive Director of TFA.

Speaking of Yee

CNN not covering the story because he’s a democrat err because they don’t cover state senators.

Taiwanese Animators take on Leland Yee


Gun Porn

Range guns

Hellbreaker with Blackout flash hider

March 29, 2014

Show me how

In prep for this pic, we took this one:


Rule, uhm, I don’t even

Do not anger the tree!

March 28, 2014

Sending something that matters v. sending feel good vibes

Russia sends troops. US sends selfies.

In MI, a victory

The ban on short barreled rifles and shotguns has been repealed. But NRA doesn’t care about NFA, they tell me.

D – mentia

Most people don’t know this but a lot democrats are going to jail. They don’t know this because of the media.

Yee – haw

yee haw

As mentioned before, Leeland Yee, an outspoken advocate for gun control, was arrested and the affidavit against him charges him with trafficking in guns. Those guns include automatic weapons and rocket launchers. I guess if he gets guns banned, he then increases demand so maybe his gun control position was a business decision? It’s pretty amusing to me, frankly. So, some amusing bits from the internet:

The gun control crowd says his arrest is a bit of a setback. Oh, come one, have him speak at your convention. Oh, you don’t have conventions. So, you come to ours.

And the media coverage is as biased as usual.

Juicy bits from the indictment here and here.

Was he a gun-runner for Russian and Muslim terrorists?

And a look at Yee’s pro-gun control tweets.

He was apparently on Piers Morgan talking gun control a bit. And no one noticed.

B&T VP-9 pistol

A polite way to dispatch animals, without the sound of annoying neighbors. The VP stands for veterinary pistol.

But I read it on the internet

And Abe Lincoln told it would be there.

As seen on TeeVee

Dragon Leatherworks holsters featured on NCIS.

Well, that’s weird

Humphrey told us those pro gun bills were dead. But NRA says the bills went and advanced.