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February 26, 2014

Moms Demand Action is racist

Seen at Mike V’s corner, via a reader:


You can’t live off the grid, we need you on it

I guess for control. Florida city is going after a woman who uses solar and collects rainwater instead of relying on utility providers.

Dads demand guns


I can say I knew him when

Dragon Leatherworks is on the TV again.

Pineapple knot paracord boot knife handle wrap

And it glows!

They start a blog?

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

Gun and voting rights

I say restore both to felons. Once your debt to society is paid, it’s paid in full.

Part of gun safety is all of the rules

Man trying to prove to girlfriend that unloaded guns were safe puts one to his head and pulls the trigger. Then a second. Well, third was the, err, charm.

The thing about the four rules of gun safety is you have to violate more than one to ruin your day. Like he did.

Do they go to Mexico?

The ATF loses more guns than any other agency

Lunar Explosion

Cool. Don’t see that every day.

How to make alcohol

From almost anything

They took our jobs!

A piece by a Assemblyman Will Barclay on NY’s job killing SAFE Act.

Gun Porn

Armenian Vahan Rifle

Military Industry (Indumil) 9mm Córdova Pistol

February 25, 2014

Government at work

The scene is I’m standing in line at the post office and have been for about 20 minutes when I have this conversation:

Random Guy Behind Me: If the post office could figure out how to take people’s money faster, they might make some money.

Me: Yeah, with that last woman, I figure the post office just spent about $20-$30 in labor, benefits and overhead to make 82 cents.

Random Guy Behind Me: You actually quantified it?

Me: Well, I have been here a few minutes and already read through Feedly.

So, where did that Mexican cartel boss get his AK?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before

Conservative: We must cut the size of government!

Liberal: We’re cutting the size of the military*.

Conservative: These cuts are outrageous!

* substitute medicare, medicaid, social security, VA, and so forth.

Layers of editorial oversight

Oh, sorry, I misspelled idiotorial.

Check out the pants shitting hysterics from the New York Post:

New York Knicks guard Raymond Felton waved a pistol loaded with body armor-piercing bullets at his wife during several spats in their Upper West Side pad — prompting the terrified woman to turn the gun and her estranged husband in to cops, law-enforcement sources said Tuesday.

The illegal gun’s clip was packed with 18 of the savage bullets — with one in the chamber ready to be fired, sources said.

“It’s a bad-ass gun,” a law-enforcement source told The Post of Felton’s Belgian-made FNH Five-Seven 28mm handgun.

So, let’s see here. He had an illegal gun! Aren’t there laws against that?

If he has armor-piercing bullets (which is unlikely) then they actually were illegal, at least at the federal level. But he didn’t.

I dunno what “savage bullets” are. But, yeah, most guns are chambered.

28mm handgun? So, the gun was 1.1 inches long or wide or deep? Or the ammo was 28mm? Which means he was carrying an anti-aircraft gun from WW2?

SlideFire 10/22 Conversion Kit

A video review from Chris. With 22LR prices being what they are, the 5.56 version might be as economical.

Push button, go bang. No push, no bang.

When to safety the weapon. My carry guns don’t have manual safeties so it’s not something I think about.

Fear of a libertarian planet

You know, those guys that want to take over the government then leave everybody alone.

Libertarian paranoia, only not the kind that means it’s the libertarians who are paranoid. Which is odd.

Pictures of guns scare kids

Senator Don Harmon (D-lusional):

I received a call this week from an Oak Park mom troubled by having to explain to her six-year-old why there were suddenly pictures of guns everywhere. I’m told psychiatrists and psychologists are investigating the effects of the visual bombardment we will endure, particularly on our children.

This is what happens when two idiots get together. Explain to them that it’s like other bigoted signs.

Clinton Joke


Self-Defense Is Not Vigilantism

Scolding the NYT, a paper that gets substantially everything wrong about gun issues.

Gun Porn

I don’t even

Fake Colt Paterson

February 24, 2014

Cool shirt

This shirt is awesome for me and my fellow wookiee suiters.

Did someone say their gun is chambered in SacredCow?

Sheriff Jim Wilson:

The latest fad regarding defensive pistol calibers seems to be the claim that they are really all very much alike and, therefore, it doesn’t matter what you choose to carry for your personal defense. Your Honor, may the record reflect that I respectfully disagree.

He then goes on to state that most handgun calibers actually kind of suck at stopping people. And that’s true. Not sure why he included the .380 as the example since when people are having this discussion,they’re usually talking about 9mm, 45, 40 and even 357 Sig.

Stand your ground ignorance

There’s a lot of it. Seems to mostly be people using the phrase as some sort of scare term.

Speaking of ARP

Here’s an AR-15 pistol with the Sig SB-15 on it. And asking if it’s legal to do that. My understanding is that the letter from the ATF says that it’s not a buttstock so it’s not a buttstock, no matter how you use it.

If you like your meme, you can keep it



The great gun panic was a 6% NICS increase.