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Movie Review Haiku: Red Dawn

Has Kim Jong seen this?
He’s crazy enough to try
Wolverine beats NORK

5 Responses to “Movie Review Haiku: Red Dawn”

  1. nk Says:

    The first one was USSR and Cuba during the Cold War. It was not ridiculously unbelievable. Now? North Korea? WTF? That’s the enemy the first female president is protecting us from, Hollywood? You suck, Hollywood.

  2. Pete Says:

    The Finnish Girl Scouts, bolstered by an understrength South Korean armored battalion, could defeat North Korea.

  3. BGMiller Says:

    Wolverine beats NORK?

    The hot dog cart outside the Shedd Aquarium and two sugared up 1st graders could probably beat NORK.

    But it would be an ugly, ugly win.


  4. BGMiller Says:


    Given what I’ve seen of Finns I dare say the Finnish Girl Scouts could probably mess up quite a few military, para-military, or other similar groups.

    Messing with Finns is just not a good plan for those that desire to collect their pension.


  5. Pete Says:


    Your first sign you’re in trouble is snow falling. Pretty soon tiny figures on skies are cutting your 4CI. Then your cookie order shows up and you lose communication with your tripwire units. The next thing you know Chinese border guards are exchanging mementos with S.Korean traffic cops on your northern border.