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January 30, 2014

@SenDougOverbey and his “effective, conservative leadership”

When we last mentioned Overbey, the supposed conservative was busy trying to place undue burdens on individuals and businesses by requiring a prescription to get Sudafed BECAUSE METH!!!11one. This from a guy who touts his “effective, conservative leadership”. I guess it’s very conservative to require me to go spend additional money at a doctor’s office instead of going to the local grocer when I have a cold. Well, continuing his actual ineffective and non-conservative lack of leadership, he voted against the pro-gun bills that are advancing in the TN senate. He sided with one democrat to vote against it. Of course, he has a history of siding with democrats.

If you’d like to talk to him about this, his contact information is here.

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Rep. Carlos Henriquez is in jail for domestic violence. I was not shocked at all to learn he supported Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

Meanwhile, on the internet

Heh: If you carry more (more powerful ammo, more cartridges, even more guns) than I do, you’re paranoid. And if you carry less than I do, you’re a pathetic sheeple.

Why Did It Take So Long To Get a Striker-Fired SIG?

Interesting read. Of course, I’m also wondering why we don’t have a single stack 9mm from Glock.


A law to make it a crime for local law enforcement to assist ATF in enforcing federal gun laws.

Why Tennessee?

Beretta tells us why they chose our state for their new facility.

Well, his computers do house their website

NY Mayor joins MAIG

Dog whistle

Shark, jumped: liking bacon means you like Hitler.



Remember when we said they’ want this and were told we were crazy?

NJ lawmakers want to make gun owners take a psychological evaluation. And, also, to search their homes on occasion.

Gun Porn

.308 Remington 700 AAC-SD


Arsenal .22 LR Knife Gun. Uhm, yeah. So, that’s a thing.

Five Gun Reviews In Under One Minute

For those in a hurry:

On the M&PC, since he’s picking on my favorite flavor of Kool-Aid, he’s right about the trigger. I tend to deck mine out with Apex trigger parts, particularly the RAM. As to its size, it’s not meant to be a duty gun.

January 29, 2014

FOIA requests of historical 4473s

Correspondence from ATF citing they cannot comply because of the Tiahrt amendment. Pasted below fold because links are temporary.

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Speaking of Tennessee

Beretta is moving some operations here. TN taking jobs from anti-gun regimes.

Yeah, they got that

So, Moms Demand Action of Nashville went to a Staples manager and whined that the chain should go gun free. But the manager told us she carries at all times. Heh.

In other news, MDA has a Nashville chapter. I always hope for a good anti-gun foe in my state to take on. But I never get one. And, since it’s MDA, I still don’t have one. These TN usually just disappear without much fanfare.

Smells like accomplishment

Which beats teen spirit.

Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap. A write up here. I like the shampoo that comes packaged like a gun cleaning product.

If you can’t beat ’em

Mexican government decides that those vigilantes taking on drug cartels aren’t such a bad thing since they are winning. Makes vigilantes legal, which makes them no longer vigilantes.

Gun Control in the State of the Union

Barry mentioned it again, only with less substance this time. Expect more executive actions.

The 6.8 Bison Subsonic Platform

That is a long bullet. Anyone tried it yet?

Ammo progression

In the early 1990s, my uncle was a deputy in the county I lived. He was talking about his carry ammo then. And the thing he told me was he alternated the ammo in his magazine. The first round was a Black Talon, the second was a Hydra-Shok, a Glaser, and the third was FMJ. This was also back when everyone carried Glock fo-tays. He said this was because he didn’t know what he’d have to shoot. I was reminded of the old school ammo days by this post from Tam: No doubt everybody then jumped into their 5.0 GTs and drove off with Red Hot Chili Peppers CDs blaring from the speakers. Hey, 1991 called; it wants its ammo back.

Heh. You know, I still have a few rounds of Black Talon and Hydra Shok around here somewhere.

Also, from that same post, comes a good list of ammo that performs.

Oh and this being the internet and all, my ammo choice is superior to yours and stuff.


An interesting graphic on support for handgun bans from 1959 through 2013

Chicago alderman encourages gun-free businesses

Of course

Gun Porn

Montigny Mitrailleuse

AR-15 lower from a 2×8

Colt Commando

January 28, 2014

State of the union

Much like last year, I won’t be watching. Talk amongst yourselves. But if you want to see the real world, here’s The Kronies:

You’ll learn more from there about how the world works.

Bankor is definitely the best one.

January 27, 2014

News you can use

Secure a door using cooking oil. And other handy items. Handy for those that work in schools. Or offices.

Magpul AR-15?

Could be. Though it’s also a S&W. They would sell a millions of them.

Congratulate them and lock them up

Joe got around to watching a video I linked a bit back. He’s right. As a non technical person, I didn’t understand a lot of the technical stuff but I got the main point. Joe concludes with: The NSA people should congratulated (sic) on the awesome technology they have developed and deployed and then they should be sent to the gulags.

The opening salvo

Via Reason on if Rand Paul will mainstream libertarianism, comes this nonsensical article from the paper of making up the record. It’s a piece that goes to great lengths to tell you about all these people with issues that Rand Paul has little, if anything, to do with. But, hey, say his name and truther in the same sentence and it sticks. I guess the NYT realizes he might run for president and is getting to soiling him early.

Communists agree

And I concur:

All persons shopping at a mall must undergo a strict background check, be issued a shopping license, and demonstrate good cause for entering a mall.

Unlicensed persons will be refused entry to a mall, which will reduce crime, as only licensed shoppers will be inside the mall.

I mean, no one needs to go to a mall.

Gimmicky Ammo

So, RIP Ammunition is a thing, complete with cool video of shooting stuff. Shooting at stuff is fun and all but doesn’t tell me much about the ammo, really. I can shoot a cinder block with cheap surplus 9mm FMJ and get the same cool video. Color me skeptical. I’ll stick with the Golden Sabers.