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I come home and my son is wearing a white shirt, a bow tie, and a towel over his arm. He tells me he’s a butler. And we have this conversation:

Me: Do you know how to buttle?

My son: Huh?

Me: Readers read. Builders build. So butlers buttle.

My son: How do you buttle?

Me: Well you’re the butler, tell me.

My son: Butlers don’t buttle.

Me: Sure they do. Planters plant. Gardeners garden. Drivers drive. Fingers fing.

My son: Fingers don’t fing.

Me: Do you know what a fing is?

My son: No.

Me: Then how do you know?

8 Responses to “-ers”

  1. Tim Myers Says:

    I have four, nothing like baffling them with BS, even as the get old enough to catch on!

  2. HiddenHills Says:

    Never curb a son’s enthusiasm for serving his Dad. It will diminish quickly enough on its own,

  3. Bob Smth Says:

    Response #1: Always be truthful with your children, the world is so full of liars it’s nice to know they can at least come home and find truth.

    Response #2: Bingo!

  4. KM Says:

    Sounds like a conversation I could have had with my Dad. He took BSing to Doctorate levels. 🙂

  5. Old NFO Says:

    LOL, you’re having fun with this aren’t you! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and yours! And best wishes for 2014!

  6. DC Handgun Info Says:

    But… but… “buttle” is used as a verb in Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”. (Of course, it’s used as a gag.) I get a big kick out of recording on paper my son’s little zings/witticisms. HAPPY NEW YEAR, UNCLE.

  7. wasntme Says:

    Just wait. Payback is a bitch. They get to mess with you when your old and senile.

  8. Akatsukami Says:

    Actually, “buttle” is a legitimate (albeit slangy) word, the first citations of which are immediately after the American Civil War. Kudoi (“kudos” is singular) to Uncle for enlarging his son’s vocabulary.

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