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December 31, 2013

SAFE at court

Judge says ban on “assault weapons” (whatever those are) is constitutional. 7 round magazine limit, not so much:

The Court finds that the challenged provisions of the SAFE Act, including the Act’s definition and regulation of assault weapons and its ban on high-capacity magazines, further the state’s important interest in public safety and do not impermissibly infringe on Plaintiff’s Second Amendment rights,

Ah, so it permissibly infringes on second amendment rights. Got it.

Even better than tactical derp


Oh yeah, a glock would have shot down two planes

Best Shot with a 1911. Ever.

Happy New Year

To you and yours. And be careful out there.

Deal Alert

Use coupon code BRYANFREAKINROCKS at Aim Surplus.


Tam: I will write my name and address and the serial number of a gun on this sheet of paper and hand it to you. Then I will leave the room. Using that piece of paper and nothing but that piece of paper, stop me from shooting something with the gun

Oh but it does have another purpose.

Gun Show Loophole

A local reader emails:

Just as an anecdotal. On Saturday at the Chilhowie show, I saw “The Gun Show Loophole” shot all to pieces. A woman right in front of me tried to buy a gun from a dealer and failed the background check with an outstanding felony. Someone from the dealer’s table (Mike’s Gun Room) slipped quietly out and alerted the police who respectfully and quietly escorted the woman and her friend from the building.

But they tell me that doesn’t happen.

Why would anyone need more than some arbitrary number of rounds?

600 people in theater brawl

Careful when you leave America

You may wind up some banana republic: Had my property stolen by NYPD and wound up in jail while legally transporting airsoft guns

December 30, 2013

Up next, libertarian Fonzie

At the urging of Reason, I’m currently watching The Independents and Penn Jillette was on. He’s a smart, caring guy. But that’s not what struck me most about the show.

What struck me most is that Kennedy is still a hottie.

The tears of hippies . . .

Are sweet. But the tears of liberals make good lube.

Gun laws at work

A PA trooper carries a gun at work. However, since he was involuntarily committed to a looney bin once, he can’t have a gun off duty. Or so ruled a local court. I’m not sure if he can lawfully have a gun while at work.

The Paper of Making Up The Record issues gun correction

It’s amazing to me. A paper that has intentionally misrepresented the gun debate with use of scary buzzwords and hysteria will actually issue corrections involving an improperly placed decimal and then obsess about it.

The Ruger LCP

There are a whole lot of them.

We just said the system works

“the process is the punishment”

I have an idea

Let’s take a cheap croosbow. Order every POS from the Airsoft catalog and attach it to it. Then we’ll call it a tactical crossbow.

That’s why my guns are chambered in SacredCow

Texas DPS is ditching the .357 Sig

Ever wondered why Japan has no gun rights movement?

No, I’ve not wondered that. But that is something to think about.

Of course, Japan is currently amusing itself into extinction.


The system is not broken. It works. Or what happens when you set the Wookiee suit aside.

Invest in precious metals

You know, like lead, brass and cans.

Why I prefer a Glock

From Ogre. Yeah, pretty much if someone asks me what gun to buy, I tell them to get a Glock.

Who needs more than some arbitrary number of rounds?

Hundreds of teens trash a mall in Brooklyn.

A mouthful of pepper spray

The world’s hottest pepper. I’ve had some ghost peppers before and that was about as much as I could stand.


In Florida, a look at violent crime and licenses to carry.


Fixing to break the law. And raiding first then getting a warrant.

But 90%

Turns out, most people don’t support “universal background checks” when you explain to them exactly what they mean.

More gun laws, more crime

You can’t argue with numbers: NY gun laws result in 1,146 felony charges

Surveillance state

NSA intercepted packages to install backdoors in electronics.


Gun owners are uneducated. As to the question “What can gun owners learn from non-gun owners?” Apparently, not much.

Knife laws by state

Here. Man, TN is in need of some reform.