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November 30, 2013

Quote of the day

My dad on his new hearing aid: “I didn’t realize how much your mother talked. “

November 29, 2013

Cymbalizes his personality

My son is taking drum lessons. After the first one, I met the instructor and we had this conversation:

Teacher: So, your son likes R. Kelly?

Me: Good God, I hope not.

Teacher: He said his favorite song is “I Believe I Can Fly”

Me: Oh, let me explain:

NFL bans gun ad

Daniel Defense wanted to run an ad during the Superbowl. The NFL said no. No guns were highlighted in the ad. Just rights and personal protection.

I don’t watch the NFL other than the Superbowl for the commercials. I’ll stop watching that too.


Anti-gun extremists putting no gun signs up at businesses they don’t own.

Look for the union label

Crime Rate in Camden, NJ Going Down After Unionized Police Force Sacked

Deal Alert

10% off at Brownells. If you shop there, I make a little money.

And up to $50 off CrimsonTrace products. I make no money there but it’s a good deal.


Registration leads to confiscation: NYC is sending out gun confiscation letters.

The new civility

In responding to a letter, Obama calls the tea party “tea baggers” while discussing civility.

Forget Glock Leg

Try Glock pinkie. Also, they got a federal grant to buy all those new Glocks.

Gun Porn

X-Ray guns, not what you think.

Gun parts and hysteria

Co-witnessing sights for AK47 and AK74

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

To you and yours.

I’ll be in a food and whiskey induced coma by day’s end.

November 27, 2013

And the number of the counting shall be 3

CO Sen. Evie Hudak, facing a recall for her support of onerous gun laws, will save everyone some time and money by resigning.

The Safety Sin

Via Tam, I saw this:

Any time someone makes a mistake, the Monks of the Holy Order of Self-Righteous Range Safety (HOSRS) jump up and down pointing at the offender as if he committed a mortal sin. The accused is instantly and irrevocably excommunicated from the Church of Guys Who Like to Shoot.

Heh. Yup.

Edge Arms Reliant

A new to me gun from Edge Arms:


Four tip up barrels in either 22Mag or .17 or .380. No slide to operate and an easy to pull trigger. The site notes it’s good for those lacking hand strength.

Via MJM who says I’ll let others discover that this really cool gun has inherent design or material flaws. But then, what would the internet talk about!

The new Glock

Will be the G42. It will be out early next year. As to what it is, I dunno. I’ve asked the folks who’d know and they’re all clammed up like an AP reporter with bad news about Obama in an election year. The last Glock number is G39. So, what are 40 and 41?

I’ll predict that the G42 is a single stack in either 9mm or .380. With their new facility in the US, they are no longer bound by ridiculous import restrictions that nix the 380.

We’ll see.

LaserLyte Pistol Laser Trainer

A review on the product from Glenn.

Federal action on stand your ground laws

Democrats launch investigation into self-defense laws. Odds of anything happening about zero.

NSA monitoring

NSFW unless work is cool with nipples: They’re checking out people’s porn habits to use against them.

Gun Porn

Make your H&K SLR look like an XM8

More Bergmann

Lego skills

November 26, 2013

Interesting project

Forget 3D gun printing, here’s a design for making a weapon that fires multiple calibers of rounds and requires no milling or welding.

Police take Zimmerman’s holsters?

Ok, that’s interesting.

Also, first comment is full of win.

Hunting doomed?

A look at the reaction of the lion hunting incident from hunters. Yeah, hunters should probably work on marketing. With bonus quote of the day from Clayton Cramer:

Whenever I run into a Fudd, I remind them of one really ugly fact: most of us “extremists” are trying to defend gun rights because of self-defense. If the right to protect yourself from a murderer, rapist, or robber isn’t sufficient reason to own a gun, what makes you think that having a gun for entertainment is going to be a good enough reason?

On the Sure-Draw glock partial safety

I was not a fan. Thought it was unnecessary, frankly. Tam has a different view.

Deal Alert

From Brownells, stripped AR-Lower for $80



True colors

A man in China gets a life sentence for possession of BBs. Yes, as in airgun ammo. Anti-gun groups cheer.

How gun control works


Montana Firearms Freedom Act struck down, trying to get to SCOTUS

Where it will, once again, be struck down. If it even makes it there.

Their heart is in the right place but this isn’t going to work.

Gun Porn

Tavor, unboxing and range trip.

Because you suck a little less and we don’t quite hate you so much: H&K coming out with a civilian model of the G36. Only about 9 or so years too late.

November 25, 2013


Decided to forgo facebook for a while to see if a I missed anything important or if I just missed it. Well, with the exception of not getting news about Dennis (who is now doing better, btw), I’ve not missed it all that much. In the last 2 or so weeks, I’ve looked at it once and that was on while riding passenger on a long trip and the boredom got to me. When I did that, I primarily checked just a few people who are insightful or funny. Or that are important to me. And then stopped. Used to pretty much have the window open all the time at home. Now, I don’t.

But facebook noticed. And now, it sends me email notifications that someone posted something I might read. Or someone “liked” something I wrote months ago. It tries to drag you back in, it seems.