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October 31, 2013

Dirty, dirty

That is one dirty M&P. And, given how long it functioned like that, it’s impressive.

Because that makes sense

Sanford, FL says that those with carry permits can’t participate in neighborhood watches.

Southern accents are attractive

Especially, those from Tennessee.

We’re the only ones with layers of editorial oversight enough

Hey, you got your meme in my meme

An officer says it was an AK and so does the press. But uhm.

Better stock up

Cock sauce factory may be closed.

Speaking of transparency

White House releases propaganda photos:

You may have seen many photos of President Barack Obama in his office. But did you know neatly all of those have been taken by the official White House photographer and released to the media.

The Associated Press, the largest U.S. Wire service, has only been allowed to photograph Obama in his office on two occasions, according to Associated Press Director of Photography Santiago Lyon.

Lyon said the administration’s control of photo access and use of official photos amounts to propaganda.

THP using semi trucks to find you texting while driving

I guess they’ve solved all of the other issues they face.

That’s a hard guitar to tune

Hazard4 Battle Axe Discreet Rifle Case


Like most things, that was just Obama the candidate. Obama the president is horrid on transparency.


Equating gun ownership with crime.

Stand your ground had nothing to do with it

Ted Cruz tells Trayvon’s mom the truth:

What to do after a defensive shooting

A good reminder

Gun Porn

19th Century Multi-Tool

October 30, 2013

The great ladybug slaughter of 2013

Seems the Smoky Mountains had some sort of invasive species appear in the mountains. On some day when the National Park Service wasn’t busy putting up barrycades and harassing park goers, they decided to release untold millions of ladybugs into the parks. Apparently, the ladybugs eat the same food as the invasive species (which name escapes me). So, now, the ladybugs are leaving the cold mountains and heading to the warmer The City (My The City). For the last week, when I come home, my screened porch looks like this:


Actually, today was pretty light. It’s usually 3 times as bad. I get my shop vac that has a few inches of water in it and proceed to suck the little bastards up. I figure, they go in the vac, hit the water, get stuck and drown.

NY assemblymen want social media to crackdown on lawful commerce

Two New York assemblymembers are calling on social media companies to ban gun sales without background checks.

So, is facebook gonna do background checks? No, of course not. Such commerce is legal and sales that go through a dealer will still require a check.

Obamacare and gun registries

A thing they have in common. I mean, other than failing.

Three Days in the Shoes of a Gun Activist (sic)

Should be gun control advocate.

Someone acted like a gun control activist for three days. Gun control is about restricting guns and not deaths.

Also, worth pointing out that the anti-gun crowd has so little grassroots that they welcome people in this easily. It’s happened before.

Another one of those anti-gun studies goes up

And comes right back down.

More from Miguel.

So, that’s how they do that

Ghosts in your smart phone that can spy on you and override settings. Lovely.

Weekly Gun Control Meetings at The White House

Yup. Looks like they’re gearing up to dance in the blood of dead kids for show. Odd that no pro gun groups are at those “meetings”.

Who audits the auditors?

IRS can’t account for 23% of its IT assets. Wow.

Digital Zombies

There are 20M dead people on facebook, almost as many as vote Democrat in Illinois.

Dick Durbin: wasting everyone’s time

He had this little dog and pony show on stand your ground, which has nothing to do with the Trayvon Martin case.

Anyway, my sooper seekrit agent on the ground at the hearings summed the whole thing up as BECAUSE RACIST. That tells me all I need to know.

Another one leave NY

ATI is heading south

And nothing will happen

In Oregon, teachers with permits can carry on campus.

Obama must be very blissful

Ignorance and all.

Didn’t know about the NSA spying on allies. But did.

Didn’t know that people would not get to keep their plans or their doctors.

Google up Obama + unaware, get near 50M hits.

It’s a growing list.

In Memphis

Police accused of violating 1st amendment rights for stopping cell phone recordings of them.

21 Things that only people who carry concealed would understand

Well, some are true

Gun Porn

Mossberg 500 converted to take Saiga mags.

Pics from The Walking Dead Multi-gun

Zombie Sig

Model 14

October 29, 2013

News you can use

18 things the Navy SEALS won’t leave home without.