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After easing overcrowding in prisons, Cali’s crime rate spiked.

4 Responses to “Shocking!”

  1. Mad Rocket Scientist Says:

    Well, once a person has been in the system & labeled a felon, even for relatively minor crimes (because everything is a felony, not just major crimes with violent or severely fraudulent components), it’s hard to get a job & make an honest living on the outside.

    It’s real easy to slip back to crime when the deck is stacked against you.

  2. SE Says:

    Clearly we here in CA need more gun control. That HAS to be the real problem.

  3. Samuel Suggs Says:

    a spike I have actually seen trupeted as a reason for more gun control, hmm almost like it was intentional.

  4. Great Wall of Texas Says:

    Well bless their hearts, couldn’t happen to a nicer state.