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August 30, 2013

On the NFA rule changes

Looks like the NFATCA petitioned for a look at the rules and ATF went and made up different rules, then cited NFATCA.

ATF also cites one case of someone trying and failing to get a suppressor after being denied. Yes, ATF noticed that the owner of the trust was a prohibited person and denied the transfer. Odd.

Also, genius from the comments:

Something has to be done. Too many criminals paying $500 to a lawyer to establish a trust, then spending $15k more to buy a machine gun, $1k more to buy a silencer, $400 more in tax stamps and waiting 8-10 months to go kill a bunch of people. Enough! We need tougher gun control! This is way too easy!


11 years

Every year, Tam’s post noting her blog’s anniversary reminds me mine is two days later. So, today, this blog is 11 years old.

Thanks for reading and commenting and only occasionally giving me shit.

Wait, what?

Someone texting you while you’re driving may be held liable if you crash.

Where guns are banned

They have mass stabbings.

Registration leads to confiscation

Cali going after prohibited persons and their guns. They are now prohibited persons because they owe back taxes and other minor things.

But gun registration is illegal

So, why are ATF agents talking registration with firearm dealers?

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “gun porn”

What is this? I don’t even . . .

Tactical facepalm

A bulletproof whiteboard for schools. Or, you know, put armed guards there.

Good point

If you’re not going to use the info you get while snooping to actually stop terrorists, why bother snooping?


After easing overcrowding in prisons, Cali’s crime rate spiked.

Gun Porn

Prototype Clausius Model 1905?

Rossi Curcuit Judge

I’ve seen the AK-15 before. But here’s an AK-16.

August 29, 2013

So, Obama bypassed congress and issues some petty executive orders mostly to be an asshole to law-abiding gun owners

Here’s the White House press office piece. Short version is that there will be no more re-importing of weapons that the US government gave to foreign countries. And for a trust or corporation to purchase an NFA item, individuals associated with the entity would have to undergo a background check. You know, because of all those times NFA weapons and imported collectible firearms are used in crime. Oh, wait. That hardly ever happens. I can think of two weapons that involved NFA crimes, one was a doctor who shot the woman he was having an affair with with his MAC-10 and the other involved a stolen suppressor. These happen so infrequently that when they do, they’re a big deal on blogs. And on the trust issue, it’s already illegal for a prohibited person to possess a weapon. And ATF doesn’t prosecute for attempted illegal purchases anyway, so the background checks are mostly useless.

Mostly, these actions target law-abiding folks who don’t commit gun crimes. So, there will be no reduction in gun violence.

What others are saying (or, rather, what I’m paraphrasing they are saying):

These orders apply only to a small subset of firearms.

It’s just a petty, cry baby slap at those bitter clingers.

These are not real, actual problems. Well, yes.

But this was all the gun control lobby could get for $7M.

I, terrorist

The founding fathers were extremists kooks, according to the Chair Force.

NYPD labels Mosques terrorist groups. They may be on to something.

Like the number of virgins I’ll get: 72 group the .gov has identified as potential terrorists in official documents.

But NRA buys elections

Bloomberg outspends NRA in Colorado recall efforts.

In Glock News

No more C models.

And they settled their suit with a company that was making a blank firing gun that looked awful similar.



IRS will recognize gay married couples

Over at Volokh, some discussion. I find this odd but not unexpected.

More fast and furious guns used in violence

It’s ridiculous.

But they say gun ownership is on the decline

Most shooters took it up recently and lots of them are women.

Gun Porn

Range Pics

Pics from Crimson Trace 3 gun midnight invitational. I was invited. I was sad I couldn’t swing it.

August 28, 2013

Technical Difficulties

Apparently, someone managed to gank my log in credentials and was uploading files here. Should be all better now.

Let me know if it works.

No blog for you

Instead, I’m fixing whatever malware some people in countries ending in -istan have nothing better to do than try to put on my webpage.

August 27, 2013

Technical Difficulties

The site reverted back to it’s old MT layout for a bit so, for you retro uncle readers, it was like old times. Well, the good folks at HostMatters (seriously, they’re awesome) fixed that. Now, the individual links to posts don’t work right and they’re on it.

Seems the new WP security app does wonky things with the htaccess. I have no idea what that means but that’s what they told me happened.

Update: all better now. Annette from Hosting Matters is awesome.

Bug A Salt and Terminal Ballistics

His review is all sciency. With my review, I just shot things with it.

Very cool, though.


The KNS wants to lose readers by charging for internet content.

Campfield responds.

More Kool-Aid

LA County Sheriff picks the Smith and Wesson M&P.

David Young has an upcoming speech

Details here.

Not surprising

Their heart was in the right place but the court struck down Montana’s firearms freedom act.

About $300 for each POS

A gun buyback spent a lot of money and cheap and broken guns.


Zimmerman to ask state for his legal fees. And he should sue the incompetent, criminal prosecution and NBC.