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While you were glued to the Zimmerman trial, IRS stuff happened

A top IRS lawyer says the targeting of conservatives was directed by DC.

IRS leaked Christine O’Donnel’s tax records the day she announced Senate run

IRS chief council asked for tea party info.

You can watch the whole sordid mess here.

One Response to “While you were glued to the Zimmerman trial, IRS stuff happened”

  1. Lyle Says:

    I was never glued to the Zimmerman trial. When I heard, waaaaay back when, the doctored 911 recording juxtaposed with the original, it was all i needed to know about the upcoming case.

    When I asked my wife if she’d heard the doctored verses original recordings, she simply walked away saying, “I don’t want to argue with you.” That’s all I needed to know about the public’s reaction to the whole mess. So had it pegged months and months ago. What was it, a year or more ago? I don’t remember.

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