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June 30, 2013

Is the NSA building a gun owner registry?

Senators asked them if they were collecting data on guns an owners. Given the way the question was phrased, the seem to know more than they are letting on. Such a database would, of course, be illegal.

Rethinking gun control

Over at Slate

Be sure of your target and what’s behind it

Some people don’t follow that rule so you should definitely not go stand in front of guns that are being fired: A FEMALE protester has been shot in the face on the opening day of the 2011 duck shooting season in western Victoria this morning.

Odd victory

I don’t know that I’d call it a victory. It’s tragic it went that far. Some tar and feathers would make it a victory.

Faith in government

Kevin talks about it. Grab a cup of something and head on over.

Government at work, with guns

IRS agents training with AR-15 rifles, more likely to fire their weapons accidentally than intentionally

The park police have lost a bunch of guns.

No wonder people don’t have faith in government.

Of course he supports gun control

Felon and prohibited person Snoop Dogg is all about gun control.

I wonder if he still employs murderous bodyguards that are armed?

Getting it

Denny Henny does. Henigan is one of those guys who never really seemed all that into his day job of pushing for gun control. I’ve never met him. But I met Paul Helmke once and within seconds realized his heart wasn’t in it.

Be sure of your target

A Carroll County jury awarded a couple $175,000 after they claimed that dozens of bullets from a neighboring gun range riddled their home over a 10-year period.

Oh, Canada

Registration leads to confiscation.

Also: The guns will be returned to owners after residents are allowed back in town and they provide proof of ownership, Topham added.

You stole their property and now they have to prove they own them?

In Mississippi

A judge blocks the open carry law because of fears of the wild west. Or something.

Gun Porn

Cartridge Comparison Guide

Hating on pink guns. From comments: Cavalry Arms lowers are also dishwasher safe! Heh.

June 27, 2013

Win an EOTech

From the NRA


They keep using those words. I do not think they mean what they think they mean.

On that CDC gun study

More here


Guns are banned in parks in Knoxville. This could not have happened.


EP lowers sells 80% polymer lowers that don’t require a jig.

That’s crazy

Everything is a psychological condition!

Dude, free magazines

Magpul, in a big FU to Colorado’s magazine ban, will give away 1,500 standard capacity magazines.

A farewell to arms.

Well, there goes that talking point

The whole “Yeah, well the IRS targeted lefties too” is bullshit.

Inside the mind of an anti-gun nut

A ten year prison sentence for a nylon strap.

Gun Porn

This Might Be The Most Beautiful Pistol I Have Ever Seen

Ok, it’s a knife. But still.

So let me get this straight

The prosecution’s case against Zimmerman is based on:

A portly 30 year old outran and tackled a 17 year old
A witness who knows what wet grass sounds like
And a letter supposedly written by someone who can’t even read it

OK, then.

June 26, 2013

CDC on gun control

But they tell me the NRA made studying gun crime illegal

Anyway, a report was mandated by executive order for studies on guns. One study has been released. One notable finding is that Defensive use of guns by crime victims is a common occurrence .

Gun control: the bottom line

Andrew brings some truth:

Some people shouldn’t own guns but there’s no way to weed them out without wrongly violating the rights of those who should.

Pretty much.

Another Mayor Quits

Bad week for Bloomberg’s anti-gun group.

He’s obviously not nanny enough and now wants to ban sparklers.

Sign from a local gun store

A gun store owned by somebody smart, apparently.

At woot

Duralock pistol cases

We’ll just extend it forever

Another extension in Illinois

Madonna on Guns

I mean, the thing is, guns donít kill people, people kill people.