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Sadly, he wasn’t shot with his own gun

Would be victim takes shotgun from would be robber:

10 Responses to “Sadly, he wasn’t shot with his own gun”

  1. pdb Says:

    Joe Biden is confused.

  2. Paul Says:

    I didn’t know those street cams had audio.

  3. SamW Says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to tell us the City and State where this incident took place ? Was it functional as a weapon in working order ? Was it loaded ? Please describe the ammunition recovered.

  4. John Says:

    It was posted by New Orleans PD. click the ‘youtube’ icon in the bottom corner of the embedded vid to get more info in the description.

    Naturally, no details were given about the weapon. However, this is fun: “Moments later the victim was approached by two black males in a black four door sedan (possibly a Honda Accord). The driver of the vehicle said to the victim “give me my gun back and I’ll give you your phone that you dropped”. The victim then used the shotgun to strike the rear windshield of the vehicle causing it to break. The two subjects then fled on Frenchmen to St. Claude and then unknown.”

    It also says a very similar incident happened nearby that may have involved the same shotgun.

  5. Phigmeta Says:


  6. phenicks Says:

    Ya, Giant brass ones!

  7. rickn8or Says:

    “give me my gun back and I’ll give you your phone that you dropped”.

    “Naw. I’ll KEEP the gun and YOU hand over the phone.”

  8. chris Says:

    This is certainly sweet, but the victim/new gun owner had a free shot, at least in East Tn it would have been a free shot.

  9. Lyle Says:

    It does sort of warm the heart.

    Looks like the perp had seen too many movies and TV shows wherein the gun is put up in someone’s face, causing the victim to melt instantly into full compliance. Some friends and I have done extensive weapon capture/retention exercises, and it turns out it is fairly easy to snatch a gun from a schlub who’s dumb enough to put it within reach. Try it. We used loaded toy cap guns to simulate live fire, and we never “got shot” snatching the gun. YMMV. A cocked single action is something to worry about, as they tend to have light triggers. Try it. You can rip a long gun out of the hands of a fool with one twist, and hurt him in the process.

    A very similar robbery gone wrong was captured on video in Lewiston, Idaho years ago. A woman behind the counter at a gas station took a shotgun from a robber, over the counter, and had it pointed at him by the time he’d rebounded himself out the door. You’ve never seen a jackass run like that. Yes; it warms the heart.

  10. bob smith Says:

    Remember if you ever have to hold a gun on someone, keep far enough away so the gun can’t be grabbed.