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What makes a 1911 jam?

Surprisingly, not the fact they’re 1911s.

4 Responses to “What makes a 1911 jam?”

  1. Roger Says:

    I tried to leave a reply with NJT, but since I refuse to participate in google, I am unable to do so. Therefore I will vent my spleen here.

    I have several 1911s. All of which are highly reliable, when good magazines and halfway decent ammo are used.
    My every day carry pistol is a Kimber compact stainless II. (Officers frame, Commander slide & barrel) In 9 years it has been totally reliable. From new, never a jam, failure, no problems whatever. It is fired at least 50 rds per month, usually more.
    Reloads, SWCs, hollow points, If I can stuff it in the magazine, it works. Top quality magazines are used exclusively. Wilson and Cobramags.
    I work part time as a range officer at a large public range. The failures I see with autoloading firearms are usually lack of lubrication, incredibly dirty magazines and pistols and limp wristing. Oh yes the occasional incredibly filthy grungy ammunition or garbage foreign ammo.
    1911s are usually the most accurate and best looking of the pistols on the line. Glocks are the ugliest.

  2. random dude Says:

    I had a first run Taurus. Never jammed with factory or checkmate GI mags. I had thousands of rounds on it. Liked pdx1 and gold dot as well.

  3. EMP Says:

    We could extend this line of reasoning and say getting dirt in the magazine of the Chauchat LMG, or trying to fire in bursts of more than a second and a half, was operator error, too.

  4. chris Says:

    Buying a Springfield Armory “Loaded” and trying to shoot it out of the box.

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