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I thought the same thing

Ding ding, a winner

One Response to “I thought the same thing”

  1. Bill Says:

    There are two issues:

    1) Disarmament by a government who has decided the Constitution is no longer a workable document. (Think not? Watch the video above!)

    2) SHTF. There will simply not be enough food to share, guys. A few weeks, maybe, a month, tops. Then you will be in major trouble, unless you have your own. A good friend in Emergency Management has studied this at length for several governmental agencies. He’s now independent and counsels businesses on emergency preparedness. His studies say we are no more than 3 weeks from eating dogs and cats, especially in cities and suburbs. Rural areas generally have major stockpiles of basic foodstuffs in comparison to the population, so they will fare better. Grain silos, potato storage, etc. BUT…they will need protection, which most rural areas out west can easily provide for themselves. Not so easy in cities and back east.

    Better get your own!