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So, they can’t just use a holster

Thai police have gun dogs. Dogs with holstered guns on them. OK, then.

3 Responses to “So, they can’t just use a holster”

  1. Ed Says:

    Look, you speciesist. Someday, dogs may evolve thumbs. They are just prepared for that eventuality. Stop being such a rabid anti-Canineite.

  2. NJDave Says:

    Is this a loophole in NJ carry law? I swear officer, that’s my dog’s gun. Can you be charged as a straw purchaser or hit with an illegal transfer to a dog?

    We must ban canine carry loophole. For the children or something…

  3. bob_smith Says:

    Scum bag: “Here boy, here boy. I have nice juicy piece of steak.”