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New York Boycott

Now, up to 66 companies.

6 Responses to “New York Boycott”

  1. Sean D Sorrentino Says:

    Thanks for the link.

    I’m a few days away from posting the phone numbers of the three gun manufacturers who sell to the NYPD, Glock, S&W, and SIG. I think they’ve had enough time to think about it. Maybe tying up their LEO sales phone number would help clarify things for them.

  2. James Says:

    Sean: Thanks so much for being on top of this issue, keeping a list and checking it twice. You’ve been on it since day one. Cheers.

    Not sure what kind of effect this movement will have but it does indeed say “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

  3. Sean D Sorrentino Says:

    Thanks James. Thanks to The Blaze, this broke out of the Gunblogosphere and into the wider online political world. I’ve seen this story on Christian Science Monitor as well. I predict that it will be on TV in a week.

    We’re up to 70 companies

  4. Matthew Carberry Says:


    Corporate can’t act without a vote of the shareholders. Unilaterally refusing to do business puts the company in breach of contract and the loss of sales will certainly lower the stock value.

    Getting publically-traded companies to act will take a different approach. We need to get enough shareholders motivated to call the Board of Directors to demand a vote on the subject.

  5. wastme Says:

    As an added benefit is the list will expose companies like armalight who aren’t interested standing together to protect our rights.

    I guess armalight thinks they will have some kind of special relationship with the gov after they exact a gun ban, but new gov contracts will be going to the lowest bidder with lots of competition. They will be forgotten.

    So whoever makes the cheapest AR wins, is that you armalight? My guess is that they will be made in china, and we can all reminisce about the good ol days.

  6. wizardpc Says:

    +1 on Armalite. I’m perpetually in the market for an AR-10, but they’re on the “do not buy” list now.

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