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All ovens are always loaded

Who stores their glock in the oven?

Also, this: Sandy wasn’t charged because he had a proper concealed weapons permit. You need a concealed carry permit to keep a gun at a house?

5 Responses to “All ovens are always loaded”

  1. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    “Who stores their Glock in the oven?”

    From reading a lot of police reports, mostly meth users.

    Same reason they dump trash in the sink. There is no other place to put it so they use the freezer, sink or the oven as storage bins.

  2. treefroggy Says:

    “Who stores their glock in the oven?”

    If it’s the last place your wife would look, maybe.

  3. Seerak Says:

    I’d swear I hear a story like this every other year or so.

  4. milquetoast Says:

    “Who stores their Glock in the oven?”

    The former police chief of Madison, Wisconsin Richard Williams keeps his gun in the oven. Or he did in 1998 but he may have reconsidered this half baked idea after forgetting it was there, turning the oven on, and unintentionally discharging.

    He hid it in the oven to hide it from potential burglars.

  5. Publicola Says:

    Some states do forbid concealed carry on your own property. I believe Kentucky is one such state. That’s just one of the dangers of ceding power to the state to determine anything about carry of weapons – you’ll get some majority of asshatted legislators who think that it’s proper for them to get all up in yo’ bidniz even when you’re just chillin’.

    So slippin a mousegun in your robe when you got to see what the doorbell ringing is all about could land you in jail if you’re busted in one of those states. Unless you bow down to the state & get a permit of course…